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KR1570 YT
• 1/1/2018

Baits and Fishing Tips

So, I'm struggling getting the reaver shark from the ocean. I already have fisher of souls, but not much in baits. Pls give me some tips on how to get good baits with just simple steps.

Is this one good? I tried to mine rocks on the ground and breaking some grass to find worms, after i got some, I mixed it with fallen stars to get the shiny worm thing (i forgot the name), it is actually 35% bait power

Should i wait for the rain to increase the spawn rate of worms?
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KR1570 YT
• 1/1/2018
The easiest way is to find bait in the jungle. The plants in the jungle grow fast and it always fills every area it can grow on, given time. Grubby (15%), Sluggy (25%) and Buggy (40%) are also one of the highest bait power critters you can get so Jungle critter farming is the best.

If you manage to find Flower Boots then you can just stand on jungle grass, fire a flare on the ground and then swing a bug net, you'd have an endless supply of bait.
• 1/1/2018
Ok thx for the tips ;)
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