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• 1/1/2018

Terraria black screen error and lag

Sometimes when I open Terraria, the display is only pure black screen... It was on fullscreen mode btw. Then, I tried to search online solution that is to delete config file in Documents/My Games/Terraria.

That works, however after a while (like a few hours later, and i shutted down my laptop) i wanted to play terraria again. This time it's not in fullscreen mode but in windowed mode, AND it's still black screen.

I tried to delete the config file and restarting my terraria game again for several times and it still not working. I restarted my laptop and opened terraria and it worked normally. Idk why this happened but the only problem is: why terraria must have a black screen error sometimes?

Another problem: my laptop is a bit laggy (4 GB RAM and almost full storage) when i started playing terraria. The lag was at the first few minutes and i hate that. But after a while, the lag is gone. It was so disturbing when the lag is on.

Should i change/factory restart my laptop?
Is 4 GB RAM enough to run terraria?

Pls support me with your answer thx :)
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• 1/1/2018
4GB RAM is definitely enough but if you have no more space then the game/any game will have problems running since it wouldn't have any memory to keep it running.

You don't need a factory reset, just delete unnecessary files to make more space. Also be sure your video drivers are updated.
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