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Heslar's Emerald Minecart
• 1/2/2018

Lunatic Cultist Help

Hey guys thanks for help on Plantera. So I beat golem and have tried the lunatic cultist multiple times I have flown around him and tried platform stages does anyone have any other recommendations I have shroomite armor and beetle armor. A Mega shark is my main weapon if I need another please tell me. Also accepting help for moonlord and pillars.
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Heslar's Emerald Minecart
• 1/3/2018
If you hook up teleporters all over the dungeon which are activated by buttons, you can easily dodge his attacks. Using weapons that automatically go after enemies are better for him since he also teleports.
• 1/6/2018
Like I always say vampire knives fixes all of your problems even though they are hard to get they work throw in a long ranged weapon a minion and some skill your set
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