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Vandalism[Quelltext bearbeiten]

Hi Kino! Thank you for constantly reverting vandalism over the last couple of days while I was away. There hasn't ever been that much vandalism on this wiki before, hence I decided to finally port a few of the abuse filters that are used for keeping vandalism at bay over at EN. Ideally, they will help preventing most of the obvious vandalism in the future – just wanted to let you know. --Rye Greenwood (Diskussion) 17:16, 16. Aug. 2020 (UTC)

Hey Rye! No problem -- I often glance at the wiki just to see if there are any problems (such as vandalism), and as you said, the de wiki is usually pretty free of trouble. So I was surprised last week to see so much, too :] Thanks for porting those filters, and for updating me. Talk to you soon! PuzzledKino (Diskussion) 14:15, 18. Aug. 2020 (UTC)