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This template is used to list a Dye, primarily on the main Dye page. It displays a dye's inventory icon, an optional example image of the dye applied to a character, and creates an invisible anchor that can be linked using "#dye_name" (spaces in the dye name are automatically converted to underscores in the anchor).

This template should only be used to display a dye that is the primary dye being listed. To display dyes in other areas of a dye list, eg. crafting ingredients or crafting results, use {{:dyes/dye2}} instead, which excludes the anchor.

Note that {{:dyes/dye}} is intended for use in tables only. It places images in one cell and the item name in the next, so you will generally want to add colspan=2 to the column header code. {{:dyes/dye2}} does not do this, and can be used in a single cell or outside a table.


Unnamed param 1

Item name, without the word "Dye". "Dye" is added automatically. For Dye items that do not end with "Dye" (eg. Skiphs's Blood), enter the item name using the t= parameter instead; no "Dye" will be added to names entered that way.

Unnamed param 2

Optional: Quantity. Use this to enter a quantity number of a crafted Dye. The quantity number will be placed within parentheses following the dye name. Default is 1 which won't be displayed.


Alternate method of entering the dye name. This method will not append "Dye" to the end of the name. If both an unnamed parameter and a t= parameter are entered, the name entered into this t= parameter will take precedence.


Optional: Set link = yes to create a link to the dye's page.


Optional: Display an example image of the dye applied to a character. Example images must be uploaded with the name "[dye name] applied". Set ex = png or gif to specify the extension of the image file.


Optional: Use to display the Item ID of the dye item.