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Parameter Description
1 Name of the weapon.
2 Source of the weapon. If not passed, the weapon's crafting recipe will be printed. Any instance of the string @@@@ will also be replaced by the crafting recipe. This data will also be stored to a cargo table for display on weapon subtype pages, like Boomerangs or Spears.
3 Additional notes.
ref Name of a <ref> tag that will be appended to the weapon's name. Define the content of the tag in a <ref name="<name>"> <ref text> </ref> in the refs parameter of {{reflist}}.
craftinglb Set it to y to print a linebreak after "Crafting: " in the "Source" column. This will be done automatically if the recipe contains multiple variants.
statweapon Use this parameter to define a base weapon for weapon groups like Phaseblades. That weapon will be used as the base for the damage and crafting columns.
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