This template imitates the Wikipedia disambiguation link template: Wikipedia:Template:For.



{{für|OTHER TOPIC|PAGE1|PAGE2|link1=|display=|display2=}}

Für OTHER TOPIC siehe PAGE1 und PAGE2.
  • If only two parameters are given (OTHER TOPIC and PAGE1), the " and PAGE2" part is left out.
  • If only one parameter is given (OTHER TOPIC), the current page, with " (Begriffsklärung)" added, is used as a default for PAGE1.
  • If no parameters are given, "other uses" is printed for OTHER TOPIC, and the current page, with " (Begriffsklärung)" added, is used as a default for PAGE1.
  • The link1 parameter can be used to let the first link point to a different page than PAGE1 (or its default).
  • Display= changes the appearance of the first link to PAGE1, and display2= changes the appearance of PAGE2, overriding the § symbol replacements
  • If the parameter "oder" is not blank, it changes the “und” to “oder” in the template when using PAGE2. "or" works as well.


  • {{für}}
Für ähnliche Verwendungen siehe For/Dokumentation (Begriffsklärung).
Shortest form, to point to a general disambiguation page.
  • {{für|different meanings of For}}
Für different meanings of For siehe For/Dokumentation (Begriffsklärung).
Only the OTHER TOPIC parameter is used.
  • {{für|the admins' notice board|Admin noticeboard}}
Für the admins' notice board siehe Admin noticeboard.
Often used form with only OTHER TOPIC and PAGE1.
  • {{für|version history|Version history|Console Version history}}
Für version history siehe Version history und Console Version history.
Using PAGE2 for a second link.
  • {{für|the commodity|Other Kinds of Hammers|link1=Hammer}}
Für the different types of hammers siehe Other Kinds of Hammers.
Use of the link1 parameter to change the link.
  • {{für|powerful weapons|Meowmere|Last Prism|oder=y}}
Für powerful weapons siehe Meowmere und Last Prism.
Use of the oder= parameter to change the text.
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