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If the filename is passed without its extension, will determine if a gif is available (defaults to png); returns the image; if file exists as neither gif nor png, returns a null value.

If the filename includes an extension, will return the image as normal. But you can prefixed it with a "?" character to check if the file exists, returning null if it doesn't.


{{image|options|caption}} The syntax is same as [[File:]].


All [[File:]] syntax are valid.

In addition:

size =

Support *scale syntax. Will override unamed size option. e.g. |20px|size=40px*0.75 will parse as 40px*0.75, result in 30px

scale =

Scale image based on its size. e.g. scale=0.5.

maxsize =

Using same syntax as [[File:]]'s size option: Wpx, Hpx, or WxHpx. Note: this is applied AFTER scale.