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This template displays the list of possible names of an NPC. The data is stored in Template:Npc names/db, which is based on the Terraria source code.


All parameters are optional.

{{ npc names | <name of the NPC> | id = <ID of the NPC> | text = n/no | article = <custom article> }}

First unnamed parameter

Name of the NPC of whom to display the names. Defaults to page name.


NPC ID of the NPC of whom to display the names. Will be filled in automatically as well, but can be used as an alternative to the first unnamed parameter for manually specifying the NPC, e.g. when using the ID instead of the name is more convenient.


By default, the list of names will be preceded by a short sentence. Set this parameter to suppress display of that text.


Custom article for the NPC; only relevant for languages with different grammatical genders. Defaults to the default_article specified in the localization database ("The" for English). Has no effect if $text is set.