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This template is used for reference in one article and another which is related. For example, it could be used on Value, linking to Coins:

Do not use this template inside the "See also" section at the end of an article.

Refer to the examples below to see how the template handles link targets containing section links and commas.


Basic usage
{{See also|page1|page2|page3|...}}
All parameters
{{See also|page1|page2|page3| ...
|label 1 = label 1|label 2 = label2|label 3 = label3| ...
|l1 = label1|l2 = label2|l3 = label3| ...
|selfref = yes|category = no}}


This template accepts the following parameters:

  • 1, 2, 3, ... – the pages to link to. At least one page name is required. Categories and files are automatically escaped with the colon trick, and links to sections are automatically formatted as page § section, rather than the MediaWiki default of page#section.
  • label 1, label 2, label 3, ...; or l1, l2, l3, ...; optional labels for each of the pages to link to.
  • selfref – if set to "yes", "y", "true" or "1", adds the CSS class "selfref". This is used to denote self-references to Wikipedia. See wikipedia:Template:Selfref for more information.
  • category – if set to "no", "n", "false", or "0", suppresses the error tracking category (Category:Hatnote templates with errors). This only has an effect if the first positional parameter (the page to link to) is omitted.


  • {{see also|Terraria}}
  • {{see also|Terraria#Gameplay}}
  • {{see also|Terraria#Gameplay|label 1=Features}}
  • {{see also|Terraria|Eye of Cthulhu|Hardmode}}
  • {{see also|Terraria|Not a Kid, nor a Squid|Hardmode}}
  • {{see also|Terraria|l1=the game|Items|l2=its items}}
  • {{see also|Not a Kid, nor a Squid|Paintings}}
  • {{see also|Not a Kid, nor a Squid|Paintings#From Traveling Merchant}}
  • {{see also|Paintings#From Traveling Merchant|Not a Kid, nor a Squid}}
  • {{see also|Paintings#From Traveling Merchant|Castle Marsberg}}


If no page names are supplied, the template will output the following message:

Fehler: no page names specified (Hilfe).

If you see this error message, it is for one of four reasons:

  1. No parameters were specified (the template code was {{see also}}). Please use {{see also|page}} instead.
  2. Some parameters were specified, but no page names were included. For example, the template text {{see also|selfref=yes}} will produce this error. Please use (for example) {{see also|page|selfref=yes}} instead.
  3. A page name was specified, but it contains an equals sign ("="). The equals sign has a special meaning in template code, and because of this it cannot be used in template parameters that do not specify a parameter name. For example, the template code {{see also|1+1=2|2+2=4}} will produce this error. To work around this, you can specify the parameter name explicitly by using 1=, 2, etc., before the page name, like this: {{see also|1=1+1=2|2=2+2=4}}.
  4. You tried to access Module:See also directly by using {{#invoke:See also|seealso|text}}. Use of #invoke in this way has been disabled for performance reasons. Please use {{see also|text}} instead.

If you see this error message and are unsure of what to do, please post a message on the community noticeboard (or admin noticeboard if necessary), and someone should be able to help you.

Pages that contain this error message are tracked in Category:Hatnote templates with errors.

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