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This template is used to manage the display of administrators, moderators, etc. on Terraria Wiki:Admin-Liste.


The template has two modes, user registration and user display. The first mode is used to store information about a user, while the second mode is used to display the table rows for a group of users.

User registration

{{ wiki admin | group = <group name> | active = y/yes/n/no | user = <user name> | lang = <language spoken by the user> | flag = <displayed flag> | notalk = y/yes | displaytext = <custom text> }}


Name of the group that the user belongs to. This can be completely custom and is referenced in the second mode.


Whether the user should be displayed in the section of active users or in the section of inactive users.


Name of the user.


Language spoken by the user. If this is an ISO 639-1/ISO 639-3 code that is recognized by {{langInfo}}, then the $flag will be set automatically. Omit this parameter if no information about the language should be displayed.


ISO 3166-1 code of the country whose flag should be displayed next to the user's name. The flag's hovertext will be the language as defined by $lang. Note that there might not be a flag image available for all countries and that the country code used in a flag's file name might not be the country's ISO 3166-1 code. See Category:Flags on the Commons wiki for the full list of available flag images.


Set this parameter to suppress the display of a link to the user's talk page, e.g. if they prefer communicating via UserProfile comments.


Custom text displayed in place of the user's name.

User display

{{ wiki admin | countgroup/listgroup = <group name> | active = y/yes/n/no }}


If this parameter is set, the template will display the number of users in the specified group.


If this parameter is set, the template will display a table row for each user in the specified group. The users are sorted alphabetically and duplicate names are discarded.


Whether to consider users registered as active or inactive.


Code Result
{{wiki admin|group=sysop|active=y|user=ActiveAdmin1}}
{{wiki admin|group=sysop|active=n|user=InactiveAdmin|lang=ja}}
{{wiki admin|group=sysop|active=y|user=activeAdmin2|notalk=y|lang=en|flag=za}}
{{wiki admin|group=moderator|active=y|user=ActiveModerator|lang=Esperanto|flag=europeanunion}}

{{wiki admin|countgroup=sysop|active=y}} 2
{{wiki admin|countgroup=sysop|active=n}} 1
{{wiki admin|countgroup=moderator|active=y}} 1
{{wiki admin|countgroup=moderator|active=n}} 0
{{wiki admin|listgroup=sysop|active=y}}
activeAdmin2 Englisch
{{wiki admin|listgroup=moderator|active=y}}
ActiveModerator Esperanto