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Ce modèle utilise Lua.
Ce modèle utilise Module:Exclusive, un script écrit dans le language de programmation Lua. Pour en apprendre plus à propos Lua, visiter Terraria Wiki:Lua (en).
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A short way to make a link that includes {{exclusive icons}}. Acceptable shortcut: {{eil}}.

You can use {{eil/options}} to change default value for some parameters.


First unnamed parameter

Link target and eicons base. Will only function as an eicons base if either an English term is entered or if the French term is present in the Template:Fr2e/db database!

  • For example, {{eil|Moon Lord}} returns Seigneur de la lune
  • For example, {{eil|Seigneur de la lune}} returns Seigneur de la lune
  • For example, {{eil|Work Bench}} returns Établi (available on all platforms, so there is no icon.)
Second unnamed parameter

Renamed link.

  • For example, {{eil|Seigneur de la lune|Seigneurs de les lunes}} returns Seigneurs de les lunes
  • Currently, there is no intuitive plural handling like {{eil|Tutorial|s}}. There is only a fallback which causes s, es, ies to have no effect as a second unnamed parameter. Examples:
    • {{eil|Tutorial|s}} returns Tutorial
    • {{eil|Firefly|ies}} returns Lucioles
    • {{eil|Seigneur de la lune|es}} returns Seigneur de la lune
    • {{eil|Seigneur de la lune|és}} returns és
Please see {{displaytext}} for further information.

size of eicons. Important note: default is small=y, so if you need, you should use small=n explicitly.

  • For example, {{eil|Tutorial|small=n}} returns Tutorial

disable link

  • For example, {{eil|Tutorial|nolink=y}} returns Tutorial

make links on exclusive icons.

  • For example, {{eil|Tutorial|iconlink=y}} returns Tutorial
epage=[pagename], invert=y, desktop/dsk=y/n, console/cns=y/n, japan/jas=y/n, mobile/mbl=y/n, old-gen/oldgen/old=y/n, 3DS/3ds=y/n

override eicons info. see {{eicons}}. If epage is specified, it will override unnamed parameter 1 and use as exclusive info base page. Might prove useful when the term is not in the Template:Fr2e/db database.

  • For example: {{eil|Tutorial|3ds=n}} returns Tutorial, {{eil|Tutorial|epage=|invert=y|3ds=n}} returns Tutorial, {{eil|Tutorial|epage=|dsk=y}} returns Tutorial