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-->|key:icons=yes<!-- default value of "icons" option is "yes"
-->|key:small=no<!-- default value of "small" option is "no"
-->|value:small:n=no<!-- value "n" for "small" is same as "no", {{options/set|item|small=n}} is same as {{options/set|item|small=no}}
-->|key:style=<!-- default value of "style" is empty value.
-->|alias:css=style<!-- "css" is an alias of "style", so {{options|item|css}} is same as {{options|item|style}}
-->|key:wrap=(bool:true)<!-- bool value, default value is empty, empty value means true, nonempty value means false
-->|key:nolink=(bool:false)<!-- default value is empty, e, nonempty value means false

See {{options}} for more info.