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Manual dplmatrix


 {{#dplmatrix: name | yes | no | mode | '''indented_list''' }}


This function is a side entry into DPL.

You pass an indented list and you get a matrix view back. With copy/paste you can easily transfer such a matrix to Excel and do some polishing there like turning column texts to vertical, highlight interesting cells etc..)

There are five parameters which MUST be given in the order listed here:

  1. The name of the matrix. Appears in the upper left cell. Arbitrary wiki formatting (even images) are possible.
  2. The symbol for cells which symbolize a link. Default is "x".
  3. The symbol for cells which symbolize the absence of a link. Default is 'empty cell'.
  4. The mode ('normal' or 'flip'); default is 'normal'. When 'flip' is specified rows and columns will be exchanged.
  5. The indented list.
    • source items must start in column 1
    • target items must be indented by at least one space
    • after the item name you can add ~~ and a 'label'. Row and column titles of the matrix will contain hyperlinks to the items. If lables are specified they will be used instead of the item names.
    • lines which are empty or contain only spaces are silently ignored.
    • if a source line is not followed by one or more target lines an empty table row (or column in flip mode) will be shown.
    • if the same source line appears multiple times, the targets will be joined (added).

The idea is that you can generate the indented list by DPL statements. See the following example: