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Main page edits[]

Why did you revert the edits I recently made to the main page? --DJBDM (dyskusja) 23:44, 21 maj 2015 (UTC)

This is the Polish wiki, why are changing Polish to English? — Game widow (talk) 11:48, 22 maj 2015 (UTC)
I replaced most of the code of the Polish Wiki with the source code of the English wiki to sort out the layout. I did not have enough time to make sure I translated back all the stuff I replaced and left a few links (around 6-ish?) in English. May I redo the edits and replace all the missing translations? --DJBDM (dyskusja) 15:55, 22 maj 2015 (UTC)
certainly — Game widow (talk) 16:35, 22 maj 2015 (UTC)


What i need to do to get promoted?

Demonstrate that you have the necessary skills. One thing you could start by doing is signing your messages on talk pages. Get in touch with Equazcion, the bureaucrat and discuss your plans and keep updating the wiki. Most of the work that needs doing requires no special rights, so there's nothing currently stopping you from improving the wiki. — Game widow (talk) 16:57, 20 kwi 2016 (UTC)


I think that I suitable to have higher rank beacuse I most work on this year from early April. It was pointed out to me that I've been nominated to be an admin here on the Terraria Wiki. I made 1000+ edit, 1000+ Contributions, 44 deletes, 15+ patrols, beacuse in every month expect me it's 1 to max 4 users active not all the time, only one edit/article creation to max 4, and I created 70+ new articles. I created a lot of necessary templates and pages linked on main page necessary to exist like (Projects,Guides,Mods,Map Viewer) too. My goal is to help out this wiki as much as possible, and if we a short on admins right now, I'm willing to step up. Thanks Marcino2 (dyskusja) 18:08, 1 sie 2016 (UTC)

I have been away on vacation until today, so i did not see this message. You already are an admin on this wiki (that's what "wiki guardian" means) — Game widow (talk) 11:58, 7 sie 2016 (UTC)
I mean about, whether I would be suited to be promoted to sysop from wikiguardian about my activity mention this "I think that I suitable to have higher rank...". Marcino2 (dyskusja) 15:39, 7 sie 2016 (UTC)


I have been removed from wiki guardian and sysop beacuse I been inactivity and I decided to back to improving and work on wiki. There are possibility to be again wiki guardian and sysop? - Marcino2 (dyskusja) 10:56, 23 lip 2017 (UTC)