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This is a documentation only page, it documents the sub-pages:

Usage is:

{{crafts top}}:Opens the table
{{crafts row}}:A row, repeat as necessary.
{{crafts row}}:A row, repeat as necessary.
{{crafts bottom}}:Closes the table

{{crafts top}} is just a convenience table top. You may replace it with your own wiki code if necessary, just like on the recipes pages. {{crafts bottom}} closes the table. {{crafts row}} is a self contained row.

{{crafts row}}

This template is the bulk of the crafts set:

{{crafts |top= |image=
 | tool =
 | toolspan =

 | result =          | resultamount = 
 | item1 =           | amount1 =  
 | item2 =           | amount2 =  
 | item3 =           | amount3 =  
 | item4 =           | amount4 = 
 | item5 =           | amount5 = 
  • "top": is a switch to indicate to a row it is just under a heading, and should not insert a top seperator (ie a black line)
  • "image": is a switch to indicate that the formula element images should be shown. Use only on the recipes page.
  • "tool": and "toolspan" is an optional attribute used to create a side cell. "tool" is the tool, and "toolspan" is the span of the cell, counted in amount of cells:
  • "result": The result
  • "resultamount": The amount of created result. Leave this field blank if the amount is 1.
  • "itemX": The X's item of the formula.
  • "amountX": The amount of itemX necessary. Leave this field blank if the amount is 1.

Anonymous parameter version

A version of the template is provided with anonymous parameters. The advantages are:

  1. Requires less typing :D
  2. Because the objects are not explicitly indexed, changing the order of the items in the formula becomes as easy as moving around the parameters.

It is used just like the above example, but with parameter names ommited. Note that to avoid confusion "result" has to be explicit. For amounts that are equal to 1, leave the field blank, but do put an empty "|".

Example usage 1

{{crafts row |image=y
 | result  = Poisoned Knife | 20
 | Throwing Knife | 20
 | Vile Powder    |

In this example, the formula is to create "20" of the result "Poisoned Knife". It is made with "20" of "Throwing Knife", and the default amount (1) of Vile Powder.

Example usage 2

{{crafts row |image=y
 | result = Sticky Bomb |
 | Bomb |
 | Gel  | 5

Notice the empty "|" after "Sticky Bomb" and "Bomb".