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Conteúdo exclusivo para Computador/Console/Celular Estas informações se aplicam somente às versões para Computador, Console e Celular do Terraria.
As notas de correção listadas abaixo pertencem à Versão para Computador versão para Computador.
Itens adicionados provavelmente estão incluídos na Versão para Console Versão para Console e Versão para Celular Versão para Celular também. Correções de bugs para Console e Celular podem ser encontradas em Histórico do Console e Histórico do Celular, respectivamente.

O lançamento 1.3.2 focou amplamente na celebração do 5° aniversário do Terraria (que foi em 16 de maio), com Festas e itens de festa.



  • Festas foram adicionadas! Você pode iniciar a sua própria festa com o Centro de Festas da Garota da Festa ou os NPCs de cidade podem iniciar uma, se certas condições forem atendidas.


  • Added Bundled Party Balloons.
  • Added Balloon Animal.
  • Added Party Hat.
  • Added Silly Sunflower Vanity.
  • Added Silly Balloon Blocks and Walls.
  • Added Silly Tied Balloons and Bundle of Balloons.
  • Added Pigronata.
  • Added Party Center.
  • Added Silly Balloon Machine.
  • Added Streamers.
  • Added Party Present.
  • Added Cog Wall.
  • Added Sandfall Blocks and Walls.
  • Added Snowfall Blocks and Walls.
  • Added Snow Clouds.
  • Added Pedguin's suit.
  • Added 0x33's Aviators.

Quality of Life Improvements[]

  • All Phasesaber blades have updated sprites, not Phaseblade. (Undocumented Change)
  • Nerfed beehive-type bees in Expert Mode.
  • Significantly reduced count of unnecessary player synchronization calls, which hindered servers with a high player count.
  • Trees now grow with a “poof!” even when visible on a player’s screen.
  • Rain Clouds are now craftable.
  • Clinger Staff can now use platforms as its resting point.
  • Made improvements to chat tags, and they should no longer break over long lines.
  • Town NPCs will try to avoid falling into cliffs away from their home area.
  • You can now use the Sort feature with Chests.
  • After reaching Modo Difícil, you can choose the type of the world's evil when generating new worlds. If you have already reached hardmode, just load any pre-existing hardmode world and it will activate this feature.


  • Fixed Fishing Rod's exploit allowing to throw multiple hooks at once.
  • Fixed XNOR being named NXOR.
  • Fixed Title text not refreshing from the language menu's use.
  • Fixed Cooking Pot & Skeleton Lantern (off)'s wrong light display.
  • Fixed weather not updating on server properly (blame framerate fixes).
  • Fixed The Grand Design selling for way too much gold.
  • Fixed Scutlix mount aiming issues.
  • Fixed Stardust & Nebula Wings having 2/3 and 1/3 extra fly time more than intended, respectively.
  • Fixed crashes related to Ice Rod and Dressers.
  • Fixed cursor showing over an item slot for a frame when closing inventory on gamepad use.
  • Fixed random bad texture loading.
  • Fixed Duck hunt exploit.
  • Fixed Town NPCs spazzing if there's lava underneath them.
  • Fixed Travelling Merchant not being able to attack at night.
  • Fixed Extremely long-timed buffs not updating properly in multiplayer.
  • Fixed Phasesabers in weapon racks creating unbreakable weapon racks (This fix is not retroactive and will not fix old worlds impacted by the issue, we apologize for any inconvenience - we may add retroactive fix in the future)
  • Fixed Team Platforms not acting as viable doors for housing.
  • Fixed Ice Rod blocks causing making backwalls invisible.
  • Fixed “On Fire!” bosses not being extinguished by water.
  • Fixed Summoner Emblem not having its sprite updated.
  • Fixed Some configuration settings not saving correctly.
  • Fixed healing exploit.

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