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Baú Celeste
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O Baú Celeste ("Skyware Chest" em inglês) é um item de armazenamento encontrado nas Ilhas Flutuantes.


The loot that a Skyware Chest can contain includes one primary item, one secondary item, and a host of common items. The primary item in a Skyware Chest is more deterministic than most other loot-containing chests. Similar to Locked Golden Chests, the first chest to be generated in the world will always have the first primary item, the second will always have the second item, and the third will always have the third item. All floating island houses past the first three will then have a random primary item. Therefore, the vast majority of worlds will generate at least one copy of all 3 items. All Skyware Chests have an equal chance of containing the Sky Mill.

Aside from these exclusive items, Floating Island chests have the same common drops as Surface Chests.

Itens primários (apenas um)
Balão Vermelho BrilhanteBalão Vermelho Brilhante133.33*1/3 (33.33%)
Fúria das EstrelasFúria das Estrelas33.33*1/3 (33.33%)
Asas de InicianteAsas de Iniciante33.33*1/3 (33.33%)
Ferradura da SorteFerradura da Sorte33.33*1/3 (33.33%)
Itens secundários
Moinho CelesteMoinho Celeste133.33*1/3 (33.33%)



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Baú CelesteBaú Celeste (Versão para ComputadorVersão para ConsoleVersão para Celular)Moinho CelesteMoinho Celeste
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Baú Armadilha CelesteBaú Armadilha Celeste
  • Baú CelesteBaú Celeste
  • FioFio (10)
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