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EsqueletronCabeça do Esqueletron
Skeletron Head.png
Map Icon Skeletron.png
Ícone no Mapa
Classic mode icon.png Clássico
Expert mode icon.png Perito
Master mode icon.png Mestre
Entrada do Calabouço + Noite
Tipo de IAIA Cabeça do Esqueletron
1000 (durante o dia)
Vida máx.4400/8800/11220
Defesa1010+25 por cada mão viva
00+25 por cada mão viva (enquanto girando)
9999 (durante o dia)
Res. ao RC100%
Imune aConfusoEnvenenadoPenetrado
Inflige o efeito negativo
Inflige o efeito negativo
DicaNão é possível regenerar a vida
Duração6–10 segundos
  • Item (Quantidade)Taxa
  • 100%
  • Máscara de EsqueletronMáscara de Esqueletron
  • Mão de EsqueletronMão de Esqueletron
  • Livro de CaveirasLivro de Caveiras
  • Troféu de EsqueletronTroféu de Esqueletron
  • 14.29%
  • Treasure Bag (Skeletron)Bolsa do Tesouro(Esqueletron)
  • 100%
  • Um dos 3 itens seguintes será soltado
  • Máscara de EsqueletronMáscara de Esqueletron
  • Mão de EsqueletronMão de Esqueletron
  • Livro de CaveirasLivro de Caveiras
  • 100%
  • Caveira PossuídaCaveira Possuída
  • Relíquia do EsqueletronRelíquia do Esqueletron
EsqueletronMão do Esqueletron
Skeletron Hand (NPC).png
Classic mode icon.png Clássico
Expert mode icon.png Perito
Master mode icon.png Mestre
Parte de Chefe
Entrada do Calabouço + Noite
Tipo de IAIA Mão do Esqueletron
Vida máx.600/1560/1989
Res. ao RC100%
Imune aEnvenenadoConfuso
Inflige o efeito negativo
Inflige o efeito negativo
DicaA velocidade de movimentação é reduzida
Duração1–2 segundos

Skeletron Trophy.png"O guardião amaldiçoado do calabouço..."Skeletron Trophy.png

Não deve ser confundido com um Esqueleto, um inimigo encontrado no subterrâneo, ou o Esqueletron Alfa, a versão Modo Difícil do Esqueletron.

O Esqueletron é um chefe do pré-Modo Difícil. Ele deve ser derrotado antes de entrar no Calabouço, e, ao derrotá-lo, todos os jogadores ganham acesso ilimitado à todas as áreas do Calabouço. Isso também faz com que o NPC Alfaiate surja, contanto que uma casa vazia esteja disponível.

Ao tentar entrar no Calabouço antes de derrotar o Esqueletron, Guardiões do Calabouço surgirão quando um jogador alcançar 0 de profundidade.[1] Esses inimigos geralmente matam qualquer jogador em um único acerto, causando 1000 / 2000 / 3000 de dano. Conseguir derrotar um Guardião do Calabouço não concede acesso ao Calabouço, portanto, derrotar o Esqueletron é obrigatório para entrar (com segurança) no Calabouço.

Enquanto Esqueletron estiver vivo(a), a música Chefe 1 tocará. Quando a música do Outro Mundo estiver ativada, a trilha Chefe 1 (Outro Mundo) tocará em seu lugar.


skeletron é convocado falando com o velho (Velho Idoso)na entrada da Masmorra à noite, que se transformará em Skeletron ao selecionar a opção "Amaldiçoar". Se falar com o Velho durante o dia, ele pedirá ao jogador para voltar à noite, já que o Velho não vai reaparecer até o amanhecer. Embora jogadores com menos de 300 pontos de saúde máximos e / ou menos de 10 de defesa sejam considerados muito fracos pelo Velho para suspender sua maldição, ele ainda oferece a opção

Skeletron can be summoned repeatedly this way until it is defeated. Once it is defeated, the Old Man's curse will be lifted and he will no longer appear. The Clothier NPCs will arrive, bearing a remarkable resemblance to the Old Man. He can move in a town, as long as there is an empty house for him to live in. Skeletron can be re-summoned thereafter once the player acquires the Clothier Voodoo Doll, which can be obtained by killing Angry Bones or Dark Casters found in the Dungeon. Equipping the accessory allows the player to kill the Clothier, which summons Skeletron. However, this will only work at night. On any other occasion, Skeletron does not spawn.


Skeletron is a large floating skull with two independent floating hands. All parts can travel through blocks, and will attempt to make contact with the player to inflict damage. Each part can be killed independently, but killing the head is all that is required to defeat Skeletron.

Skeletron alternates between two attack phases:

  1. The head remains above while the hands slash at the player.
  2. The head spins, dealing significant damage if touched, but dropping its defense by 10 (to 0 in normal mode) for the duration of the attack.

Skeletron switches between these two phases in a regular cycle during the entire fight, with the first phase lasting for roughly 13.33 seconds and the second phase lasting for roughly 6.67 seconds. It lets out a roar every time it enters the second phase.

If the player takes too long to kill it and dawn arrives, Skeletron will begin acting exactly as a Dungeon Guardian, performing a head spin attack with very high damage and very high defense, which will usually kill any players remaining in the vicinity quickly (it is still possible to kill it, but players are at an extreme disadvantage). Skeletron remains in this form until dying or despawning, even if players manage to avoid dying until the following dusk.

Modo Perito[]

Skeletron has additional properties in Modo Perito:

  • The defense of its head is increased by 25 for each of its hands, resulting in a total defense of 60, initially. Once one hand is defeated, it drops to 35 and finally to 10 when both hands are defeated.
    • During the spinning, its defense is therefore also only reduced to 50 / 25. Only with both hands defeated, it is reduced to 0 like in normal mode.
  • Once either of the hands are destroyed or the head's health is reduced to below 75% (6600), the head begins to shoot homing skulls at the player which resemble Cursed Skulls that despawn on contact with a solid block. It shoots one skull roughly every 1.33 seconds, and doubles the frequency to one skull roughly every 0.67 seconds once both hands are defeated. It pauses firing during its spin attack.
  • Skeletron moves faster and has better AI when targeting multiple players. With this, it is able to "stun-lock" the player while spinning, able to almost instantly kill them if they are not able to escape (e.g. by using a Grappling Hook).
  • Skeletron is able to inflict the debuffs Slow (from the hands) and Bleeding (from the head).

Modo Mestre[]

In master mode Skeletron gains a 27.5% health increase. This makes his health change to 11920 HP (excluding hands) and 15198 HP (including hands). Other expert mode elements also apply.


Old Man at the dungeon

  • The Old Man who stands in front of the Dungeon can be killed if his health is depleted. However, this does not count as a Skeletron kill, and he will respawn.
  • The Old Man will respawn the following day if players fail to defeat Skeletron.
    • Skeletron's defense and damage will not revert to their normal figures even if night falls again.
  • Killing Skeletron after the night ends will still count as defeating it, and will open the Dungeon.
  • When both Skeletron and Golem are defeated, the player can initiate the Lunar Events: The four Cultists now spawn at the Dungeon entrance who cause the Lunatic Cultist to spawn when killed. Defeating it initiates the Lunar Events.
    • This makes Skeletron and the Wall of Flesh the only pre-Hardmode bosses required for game progression, though only the latter must actually be defeated in pre-Hardmode.
    • Even before the Lunar Cultists fail to appear, a player who tries to skip Skeletron will suffer for it, lacking all the goodies in the Dungeon plus some specific items that are unlocked by his death.
      • Personal storage: The Merchant only sells the Safe after Skeletron has been defeated, and the Arca do Vazio requires Bones from the Dungeon.
      • The Mechanic is found in the Dungeon, and her wares are required to work effectively with mechanisms.
      • The Biome Chests are found in the Dungeon and they can only be opened post Plantera.
  • Skeletron's head looks identical to the Dungeon Guardian.
  • The sprite file for Skeletron's arms is named Arm_Bone.


Achievement Boned.png
Ossudo • Derrote Esqueletron, o guardião amaldiçoado do calabouço.
Derrote o Esqueletron pela primeira vez.


Para estratégias elaboradas em como derrotar Esqueletron, incluindo recomendações de armas e arena, veja Guia:Estratégias para o Esqueletron.

  • Do not jump onto Skeletron's head too many times with the Slime Mount, as going too high will cause it to despawn (also, in Space the low gravity will make it almost impossible to get back down past it). However, inside of the Dungeon entrance the Slime Mount can be a valuable tool.
    • Though, it can be used to escape Skeletron's head spin attack, if one ever gets caught in it.
  • Going fast enough on a Minecart can cause the hands to despawn, leaving only the head to fight.
  • A full set of Fossil armor combined with Grenades can take out both hands easily. In the Versão para Computador Versão para Computador, Versão para Console Versão para Console e Versão para Celular Versão para Celular, this may be less effective without Beenades.
  • Any ricocheting weapon ( such as the Water Bolt found in the Dungeon) is very useful.
  • Spiky Balls can be a good idea to throw into the arena before spawning Skeletron.
  • With multiple players, it is a good idea to set the spawn point near the Dungeon, so that players can simply rejoin the fight if they die.
  • The Bee Gun, Beenade, or The Bee's Knees can quickly build a swarm of bees for constant damage.
  • Skeletron is immune to many debuffs, but not to Frostburn.
  • Attacking the hands first is advised as destroying them both will make it very easy to dodge Skeletron for the rest of the battle.
    • This is close to mandatory in Modo Perito, as Skeletron gains 25 defense for each hand it has alive.
  • In Expert Mode, if the player keeps moving in different directions, most homing skulls will miss; also note that they do not travel through tiles.
  • In Expert Mode, it is a good idea to use a yoyo or a flail and an overhead barrier.


The Skeletron-shaped cloud.

  • O registro no BestiaryBestiário para Esqueletron é: "Os ossos desencarnados de um antigo tirano pulsavam com um ódio tão intenso que deixaram para trás uma poderosa maldição que guarda o Calabouço."


  • Desktop 1.4.1: No longer immune to On Fire!, Cursed Inferno, Venom, Shadowflame, Celled, or Daybroken.
  • Desktop
    • Added Skeletron Relic, a Master Mode exclusive drop that acts as a trophy-like item.
    • Added Possessed Skull, a Master Mode exclusive drop that summons a miniature Skeletron pet.
    • Added Chippy's Couch, a reference to the youtuber/streamer of the same name.
  • Desktop 1.3.5: Sprite updated.
  • Desktop Fixed incorrect status message when summoned (was "Skeleton has awoken" instead of "Skeletron has awoken").
  • Desktop New AI and Treasure Bag added for Expert mode.
  • Desktop Skeletron now spawns on the Clothier when using a Clothier Voodoo Doll.
  • Desktop 1.2:
    • Can now be re-summoned with the Clothier Voodoo Doll.
    • Has additional item drops. (Previously only dropped Lesser Healing Potions and money.)
  • Desktop 1.0.6:
    • Head health decreased from 5000 to 4400, but damage increased from 30 to 32.
    • Hands health decreased from 800 to 600, defense decreased from 18 to 14, and damage decreased from 25 to 20.
  • Desktop 1.0.5:
    • Head health decreased from 6000 to 5000, defense decreased from 12 to 10, and damage decreased from 35 to 30.
    • Hands health decreased from 1200 to 800, and damage decreased from 30 to 25.
  • Desktop-Release: Introduced.
  • Console-Release: Introduced.
  • Mobile-Release: Introduced.
  • 3DS-Release: Introduced.


  1. Note que a cabeça do jogador precisa estar abaixo de 0 de profundidade. Já que o Medidor de Profundidade mede a profundidade no nível do pé do jogador, e um jogador possui 3 pés de altura, Guardiões do Calabouço só começarão a surgir quando o Medidor de Profundidade alcançar "3′ Subterrâneo" ou mais.