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Um exemplo de evento. Nesse caso, é a Legião Congelada.

O alcance da barra de progresso; à esquerda está a casa e à direita o limite, em um mundo pequeno.

See also: seasonal events, Guide:Defending against invasion events

Eventos (também conhecidos como Invasões) são ocasiões temporárias onde variedades de inimigos especiais aparecem, a maioria com taxa de geração elevada, até mesmo perto de NPCs, e atacam jogadores. Alguns eventos podem ocorrer aleatoriamente durante a gameplay, enquanto outros podem ser ativados por meio de certos itens de invocação ou circunstâncias especiais. Eventos geram seus próprios inimigos únicos que não são vistos durante a gameplay normal, que podem, por sua vez, derrubar itens únicos que só podem ser obtidos dentro do evento. Alguns eventos também trazem visuais e atmosfera únicos, como uma Lua alterada and noticeable shaders applied to the screen. Events also are accompanied by their own special music, adding on to their theme. Depending on the particular event, they may last until a certain time limit is reached, or until a certain number of enemies are defeated.

On the Versão para Computador Versão para Computador, Versão para Console Versão para Console, Versão para Celular Versão para Celular, Versão para Switch Versão para Switch e a versão usada pelo tModLoader a versão usada pelo tModLoader, a progress bar can be seen in the bottom right corner of the screen to indicate how far the player has gone into the event, and how far they are from completing it. It only appears during invasion-style events (Goblin Army, Chuva de Geleias (only if 75/150 slimes are defeated), Exército do Ancião, Frost Legion, Pirate Invasion, Pumpkin Moon, Frost Moon, and Loucura de Marte) and will not appear during events that are time-limited (Blood Moon, Rain, Chuva de Geleias (only if less than 75/150 slimes are killed), Tempestade de Areia, and Solar Eclipse).

Note that certain invasions (Goblin Army, Frost Legion, Pirate Invasion, and Loucura de Marte) have location requirements. The player must be no deeper than 67.5 tiles below the surface, and the player must be within 187.5 tiles horizontally of the location of the invasion. If the invasion has reached the center of the world, then the horizontal check can also be satisfied by the player being within 187.5 tiles horizontally of any town NPC, although at a reduced spawn rate. The town NPC's vertical position is not checked and so they can be housed far above or below your arena.

There are currently 19 / 14 / 8 different events and invasions.

A Festa, criada para celebrar Terraria's 5th birthday, e o Noite de Lanternas são os unicos eventos que não spawnam enemies e musicas especiais.




Initiated randomly by one or two NPCs during the day, or by manually activating a Centro de FestasCentro de Festas.

During a Party most NPCs, and even some enemies, can be seen wearing a Party Hat, will display unique dialog when spoken to and some will sell unique items.

While a Party is going on, different colored balloons are floating all around the sky in the background.

The event will always end on dusk.

Noite de Lanternas[]

Noite de Lanternas

Occurs the night after a boss or invasion has been defeated, or randomly at night after the Moon Lord has been defeated.

The Lantern Night is an event that occurs in celebration of the player's victory over a boss or invasion. The Party Girl will sell the Release Lantern and the player will have a flat +0.3 increase to their Luck stat.

During such a night many lanterns can be seen rising up into the sky in the background.



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Occurs randomly.

Rain can occur in any surface biome, changing the theme music and background, as well as dimming the lighting. Goldfish start to walk on land, and most NPCs will have unique dialog. Once the rain has ended, the effects fade away and the affected biome returns to normal. Rain in a Snow biome becomes a blizzard.

Rain always lasts 24 in-game hours.

In addition to regular surface enemies, the following enemies will spawn:

  • Peixe VoadorPeixe Voador
  • Geleia com Guarda-chuvaGeleia com Guarda-chuva
  • Zumbi com Capa de ChuvaZumbi com Capa de Chuva
  • Nuvem com RaivaNuvem com Raiva
  • Geleia do Arco-írisGeleia do Arco-íris
    (Hardmode Hallow)
  • Golem de GeloGolem de Gelo
    (Hardmode Snow)

Folha d'águaFolha d'água plants, found in the Desert, will bloom during rain. Furthermore, NPCs will remain in their houses regardless of the Day/Night Cycle and all players are granted a +20% boost to their Fishing Power.

Tempestade de Areia[]

Tempestade de Areia

Occurs randomly.

A Sandstorm only affects players in a Desert. During a Sandstorm, visibility is somewhat decreased, the Mighty Wind debuff will be inflicted, pushing all creatures afflicted with it in the direction of the wind, and particles will appear in the dusty yellow background. Sandstorms can also occur in Hallowed, Corrupted, and Crimson Deserts.

In addition to regular Desert enemies, the following enemies will spawn:

  • Galhos FuriososGalhos Furiosos
  • Verme das CovasVerme das Covas
  • Tubarão de AreiaTubarão de Areia
  • Verme MalditoVerme Maldito
  • Elemental de AreiaElemental de Areia
  • Moedor de CristalMoedor de Cristal
    (Hallowed Desert)
  • Mordedor de OssosMordedor de Ossos
    (Corrupted Desert)
  • Ladrão de CarneLadrão de Carne
    (Crimson Desert)

Dia Ventoso[]

Dia Ventoso

Occurs randomly.

A Windy Day results in increased cloud cover and stronger wind effects. If a Windy Day happens at the same time as a Rain, the result is a Thunderstorm.

In addition to regular Forest surface enemies, the following enemies will spawn:


Chuva de Meteoros[]

Chuva de Meteoros

Occurs randomly at night.

A Meteor Shower is an event during which falling stars appear all throughout the sky in the background. Meteor Showers greatly increase the spawn rate of Fallen Stars, and causes Nightcrawler EncantadoNightcrawler Encantado to spawn, resulting in easily obtainable bait.

Pré-Modo Difícil[]

Lua de Sangue[]

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A Lua de Sangue está subindo...

Has a 1/9 chance of occurring every night when a player has over 120 health, or when manually summoned with a Lágrima SangrentaLágrima Sangrenta.

The Blood Moon is an event that lasts an entire night. During this event, the spawn rate of enemies and the maximum amount of enemies that can be on the screen at any time is increased. Enemies will also spawn near NPCs and most become capable of opening doors with a couple hits, even though they normally can't. The event can be skipped using an Enchanted Sundial.

During the event, fishing power is increased, and several new dangerous enemies can spawn when the player fishes.

In addition to regular surface enemies, the following enemies will spawn:

Erva da MorteErva da Morte blooms during a Blood Moon.

Some regular Critters will turn Corrupt/Crimson when a Blood Moon rises.

All water in the world (aside from the Ocean, Fish Bowls, and Water Fountains), including rain, gain a blood red color, similar to the Crimson's natural water color.

Exército Goblin[]

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Goblin Army Icon.png Um exército de goblins chegou!

Has a 1/3 chance of occurring every dawn if at least one Esfera das SombrasEsfera das Sombras/Coração de CarmesimCoração de Carmesim has been destroyed and when a player has over 200 health. Can also manually be summoned with a Estandarte de Batalha de GoblinsEstandarte de Batalha de Goblins.

The Goblin Army is an event where unique Goblin enemies spawn in waves. When a Goblin Army is approaching, one of the two following status messages will appear: "Um exército de goblins está se aproximando do oeste!" / "Um exército de goblins está se aproximando do leste!"

During the event, five ( six during Hardmode) different types of goblins will spawn:

Although they do not appear in the Goblin Army, Goblin Scouts can be found rarely on the outer thirds of the map. They drop Tattered Cloth which is used to craft the Goblin Battle Standard, the summoning item for this event.

The event is completed after a certain number of goblins have been defeated. Afterwards, the Inventor GoblinInventor Goblin NPC can be found underground.

Chuva de Geleias[]

Chuva de Geleias

A geleia está caindo do céu!

Occurs when a player has over 140 health and 8 defense, except in Modo Perito, where it can occur with a significantly decreased chance before meeting the criteria.

Slime Rain is an event where different variations of slimes constantly fall from the sky until the day or night is over. If the player kills 150 slimes before the event ends naturally, King Slime will spawn, 75 slimes if King Slime was previously defeated.

Many types of slimes spawn, including:

After King Slime is defeated, the event will stop immediately.

Exército do Ancião[]

Exército do Ancião

Old One's Army Icon.png O exército do ancião está chegando!

Initiated by placing an Cristal de EterniaCristal de Eternia on an Base do Cristal de EterniaBase do Cristal de Eternia.

The Old One's Army is a unique Dungeon Defenders 2 crossover event that can be initiated after rescuing the Tavernkeep, who can be found on any layer after defeating the Eater of Worlds/Brain of Cthulhu. The objective is to protect the Eternia Crystal from waves of enemies seeking to destroy it. If the Crystal is destroyed by enemies, the event terminates. If it is kept safe until all waves are cleared, the event is won.

Both the Crystal and its Stand are purchased from the Tavernkeep NPC for coins. Players are inflicted with the Creative Shock debuff for the duration of the event, which prevents the removal or placement of blocks during the entire event within a certain range.

Each wave becomes progressively more difficult. If triggered before any Mechanical Bosses have been defeated, the event consists of 5 waves. If triggered after at least one Mechanical Boss is defeated, the event consists of 7 waves. Once Golem has been defeated, the event becomes even more difficult with the boss Betsy spawning in the final wave. Only one Betsy will spawn during each invasion and defeating it will complete the event. The event also contains 2 mini-bosses, the Ogre and the Dark Mage.

The following enemies are exclusive to the event:

O Deus da Tocha[]

O Deus da Tocha

Initiated when around 100 torches accumulate in close proximity anywhere below the Surface layer.

The Torch God is a mini-event that happens when 100 torches accumulate in close proximity underground. The placed torches begin launching small fireballs at the player, extinguishing themselves in the process. The fireballs deal 40 / 80 / 120 damage, and they travel in straight lines through blocks. They can also spawn from torches located off-screen.

While the event is active, the player is inflicted with the Blackout debuff, significantly reducing the player's light vision.

When all torches are extinguished, the event ends. After a brief period, the torches reignite, and if 100 or more torches have been activated, the Torch God's Favor drops near the torches. The player can not challenge the event again once the player has a Torch God's Favor either in their inventory or consumed, and must create another character to do so. A player that has not consumed a Torch God's Favor can continuously challenge and complete the event and obtain more Torch God's Favors, as long as they do not have one in their inventory.

Modo Difícil[]

Legião Congelada[]

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Frost Legion Icon.png A Legião de Gelo chegou!

Summoned with a Globo de NeveGlobo de Neve.

The Frost Legion is an event that functions similarly to the Goblin Army, but it requires an item to start the event, which is only attainable in Hardmode. During Christmas, enemies will drop presents. If the world is in Hardmode, these presents have a 7.69*1/13 (7.69%) chance of containing a Snow Globe, which is used to spawn the Frost Legion.

During the event, three different types of unique snowmen will spawn:

  • Senhor FacasSenhor Facas
  • Boneco de Neve MafiosoBoneco de Neve Mafioso
  • Malandro de NeveMalandro de Neve

All of the snowmen drop Snow Blocks, technically granting the player a way to obtain infinite amounts of Snow.

The event is completed after a certain number of snowmen have been defeated. Afterward, the Santa Claus NPC will spawn during Christmas.

Eclipse Solar[]

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Está acontecendo um eclipse solar!

Occurs with a 1/20 chance each day upon dawn, as soon as any Mechanical Boss has been defeated, or when manually summoned with a Placa do SolPlaca do Sol.

The Solar Eclipse is a Hardmode event where the sun will rise, obscured by the moon, dramatically reducing natural light to a level darker than nighttime. Normal biome enemy spawns are replaced with special enemies that can spawn near NPCs, much more frequently and in greater numbers than usual. On the Versão para Computador Versão para Computador, Versão para Console Versão para Console, Versão para Celular Versão para Celular, Versão para Switch Versão para Switch e a versão usada pelo tModLoader a versão usada pelo tModLoader, it can be skipped using an Enchanted Sundial.

During the event, the following enemies will spawn:

  • Monstro do PântanoMonstro do Pântano
  • FrankensteinFrankenstein
  • ZumbolhoZumbolho
  • VampiroVampiro
  • O PossuídoO Possuído
  • FritzFritz
  • Criatura das ProfundezasCriatura das Profundezas

After all three Mechanical Bosses have been defeated:

After Plantera has been defeated:

  • AçougueiroAçougueiro
  • Cabeça de PregosCabeça de Pregos
  • Esfera MortalEsfera Mortal
  • PsicopataPsicopata
  • Dr. Homem-MoscaDr. Homem-Mosca
  • MothronMothron
  • Filhote de MothronFilhote de Mothron

A Solar Eclipse is always terminated upon dusk.

Invasão Pirata[]

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Pirate Invasion Icon.png Os piratas chegaram!

Occurs randomly during the day if a player has over 200 health, or when manually summoned with a Mapa PirataMapa Pirata.

The Pirate Invasion is an event that is very similar to the Goblin Army. It can spawn randomly, or be summoned by the use of a Pirate Map, which can be obtained from killing any enemy in the Ocean biome during Hardmode.

During the event, seven / six different pirate themed enemies will spawn:

The event is completed after a certain number of pirates have been defeated. Afterward, the Pirate NPC will move in.

Lua de Abóbora[]

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Summoned at night with a Medalhão da Lua de AbóboraMedalhão da Lua de Abóbora.

The Pumpkin Moon is a Halloween-themed event where, unlike most other events, the Pumpkin Moon takes place in distinct waves. There are 15 waves in total, which grow harder as the night wears on, culminating in the "Final Wave", which lasts for the remainder of the night. The Pumpkin Moon can be skipped using an Relógio Solar Encantado.

The Pumpkin Moon has seven unique enemies, in increasing order of difficulty:

  • EspantalhoEspantalho
  • Galho VivoGalho Vivo
  • Cão do InfernoCão do Inferno
  • PoltergeistPoltergeist
  • Cavaleiro sem CabeçaCavaleiro sem Cabeça
  • Árvore da MorteÁrvore da Morte
  • ReibóboraReibóbora

Although there are no rewards for surviving the event, besides an Achievement, the enemies can drop unique items, including Spooky Wood and equipment like the Spooky Hook and Raven Staff.

Lua Congelada[]

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Summoned at night with a Presente dos MalcriadosPresente dos Malcriados.

The Frost Moon is a Christmas-themed event, using the same wave system as the Pumpkin Moon. The Frost Moon also has an additional five "bonus waves" after the "Final Wave", increasing the wave maximum to 20. Enemies have similar behavior to Pumpkin Moon counterparts, but are tougher, making this event the hardest on the Versão para Console old-gen Versão para Console old-gen e Versão para 3DSVersão para 3DS. The Frost Moon can be skipped using an Relógio Solar Encantado.

The Frost Moon has 11 unique enemies:

  • Boneco de GengibreBoneco de Gengibre
  • Elfo ZumbiElfo Zumbi
  • Arqueiro ElfoArqueiro Elfo
  • Quebra-nozesQuebra-nozes
  • YetiYeti
  • Elf-icópteroElf-icóptero
  • KrampusKrampus
  • FlockoFlocko
  • EverscreamEverscream
  • Papai-Noel-NK1Papai-Noel-NK1
  • Rainha do GeloRainha do Gelo

Although there are no rewards for surviving the event, besides an Achievement, the enemies can drop unique items.

Loucura de Marte[]

Loucura de Marte

Martian Madness Icon.png Uma invasão de Marte!

Initiated by letting a Sonda de MarteSonda de Marte escape from view after detecting a player.

The Martian Madness event is a post-Golem event with an alien invasion theme. It is unique from the others in that in order to start it, it is required to encounter a Martian Probe randomly in the outer parts of the surface and space levels of the world and move into its light. Once the probe detects the player, it needs to leave the screen without being destroyed.

When triggered UFOs start flying in the background.

The Martian Madness event features 11 unique enemies:

  • Disco Voador de MarteDisco Voador de Marte
  • ScutlixScutlix
  • Andarilho de MarteAndarilho de Marte
  • Drone de MarteDrone de Marte
  • Torreão TeslaTorreão Tesla
  • GigaelétricoGigaelétrico
  • Engenheiro de MarteEngenheiro de Marte
  • Oficial de MarteOficial de Marte
  • Atirador de RaiosAtirador de Raios
  • Soldado CinzaSoldado Cinza
  • Embaralhador de CérebrosEmbaralhador de Cérebros

The event is completed after a certain number of Martians have been defeated.

Eventos Lunares[]

Eventos Lunares

Uma invasão de criaturas celestiais!

Initiated after defeating the Lunatic Cultist.

The Lunar Events is a unique type of event that spawns four different pillars, the Celestial Pillars, spread evenly across the world. While in the proximity of a pillar, respectively-themed enemies spawn. There are four different pillars: the Solar Pillar, the Vortex Pillar, the Nebula Pillar, and the Stardust Pillar. Initially, all pillars are surrounded by a protective barrier. In order to damage and eventually defeat a pillar, a certain number of enemies related to said pillar needs to be defeated.

There are numerous unique enemies in this event:

Solar Pillar
Coluna do Sol
Dragão de LavaDragão de Lava
Cavaleiro do Dragão de LavaCavaleiro do Dragão de Lava
Vortex Pillar
Coluna do Vórtice
Filho do VórticeFilho do Vórtice
Rainha VespaRainha Vespa
Vespa AlienígenaVespa Alienígena
Larva AlienígenaLarva Alienígena
Mergulhador da TempestadeMergulhador da Tempestade
Nebula Pillar
Coluna de Nébula
Sugador de CérebrosSugador de Cérebros
Fera da EvoluçãoFera da Evolução
Stardust Pillar
Coluna de Pó das Estrelas
Célula de EstrelasCélula de Estrelas
Invasor de FluxoInvasor de Fluxo
Criador de BrilhosCriador de Brilhos
Explorador da Via-LácteaExplorador da Via-Láctea
Observador das EstrelasObservador das Estrelas

After defeating all four pillars, the Moon Lord will spawn. The event is completed once the Moon Lord is defeated or the player dies during the battle.


Achievement Sticky Situation.png
Perigoso... e Pegajoso • Sobreviva à chuva de geleias, onde organismos gelatinosos cairão do céu aos montes.
Sobreviva a uma Chuva de Geleias.
Achievement Bloodbath.png
Banho de Sangue • Sobreviva a uma Lua de sangue, um evento noturno onde os rios ficam vermelhos e os monstros aparecem aos montes.
Sobreviva uma Lua de Sangue.
Achievement Goblin Punter.png
Cliente dos Goblins • Derrote uma invasão de goblins, um grupo desorganizado de guerreiros brutais e bárbaros, de orelhas pontudas, e seus feiticeiros das chamas das sombras.
Derrote uma Invasão de Goblins pela primeira vez.
Achievement Walk the Plank.png
Andando na Prancha • Derrote uma invasão pirata, um grupo de ladrões dos mares estão atrás dos seus tesouros... e da sua vida!
Derrote uma Invasão Pirata pela primeira vez.
Achievement Do You Want to Slay a Snowman.png
Você Quer Matar na Neve? • Derrote uma legião congelada, uma família de bonecos de neve mafiosos.
Derrote a Legião Congelada pela primeira vez.
Achievement Kill the Sun.png
Mate o Sol • Sobreviva a um eclipse solar, um dia mais escuro que a própria noite, repleto de criaturas terríveis.
Sobreviva um Eclipse Solar.
Achievement Baleful Harvest.png
Colheita Nefasta • Chegue à 15a onda de uma Lua de abóbora, onde o mal espreita a colheita do outono.
Alcance a 15° onda da Lua de Abóbora.
Achievement Ice Scream.png
Sorvete do Inferno • Chegue à 15a onda da Lua congelada, quando a temporada de festas rapidamente transforma-se em loucura.
Alcance a 15° onda da Lua Congelada.
Achievement Tin-Foil Hatter.png
Chapéu de Alumínio • Derrote uma invasão de Marte, quando os seres do outro mundo vierem para derreter seu cérebro e para colocar sondas em lugares desconfortáveis.
Derrote a Loucura de Marte pela primeira vez.
Achievement Star Destroyer.png
Destruidor de Estrelas • Derrote as quatro torres celestiais da Lua.
Derrote todas as quatro Colunas Celestiais.


  • Computador Martian Madness, Slime Rain, and Lunar Events added. Invasion Events now have a progress bar, showing how far along the player is towards completion. Event enemies now run away when the event is over.
  • Computador 1.2.4: Fixed bug where spawn rates would increase underground when a moon event is happening. Invasion summon items will no longer be consumed if no invasion would happen using it.
  • Computador 1.2.3: Invasions can now spawn enemies anywhere near friendly NPC instead of just the middle of the world.
  • Computador 1.2: Solar Eclipse, Rain, and Pirate Invasion events added.
  • Switch 1.0.711.6: Introduced Goblin Army, Blood Moon, Frost Legion, Solar Eclipse, Rain, Pirate Invasion, Martian Madness, Slime Rain, and Lunar Events.
  • 3DS 1.03: Frost Moon Added.
  • Lançamento para 3DS: Introduced Goblin Army, Blood Moon, Frost Legion, Solar Eclipse, Rain, Pirate Invasion, and Pumpkin Moon.