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As Flechas ("Arrows" em inglês) são um tipo de munição disparada de um arco ou repetidora. A maioria das flechas são criadas, mas algumas podem ser soltadas dos inimigos, compradas dos NPCs ou encontradas nos Baús ou potes. Tal como os outros itens automaticamente consumíveis, ou tipo de flecha mais efectivo é determinado no inventário: o canto superior esquerdo é a melhor posição, e o canto inferior direito é a pior posição.


No momento, existem 5 flechas diferentes disponíveis no Terraria, 1 dos quais são exclusivos ao Hardmode.

Nome Dano Velocidade Multiplicador Total
de Velocidade
Recuo MD Raridade Valor
Flecha Flamejante Flecha Flamejante 7 /
3,5 1 2
(Bem fraco)
00*Nível de raridade: 0 2 / 3
Flecha Profana Flecha Profana 12 /
3,4 1 3
(Bem fraco)
01*Nível de raridade: 1 8
Flecha de Osso Flecha de Osso 8 /
3,5 1 2,5
(Bem fraco)
00*Nível de raridade: 0 3
Flecha espectral Flecha espectral 16 0,5 1 3
(Bem fraco)
03*Nível de raridade: 3 18
Flecha do vulcão Flecha do vulcão 12 ??? 1 8,5
(Bem forte)
✔️ 03*Nível de raridade: 3 30


  • It is possible to re-use many arrows, especially Wooden Arrows and Flaming Arrows which have a high drop rate after being fired, as they have a chance to break, regardless of what they hit (arrows break as much against slimes as they do against bricks).
  • Certain bows/repeaters such as Chlorophyte Shotbow and Tsunami shoot several arrows at once, consuming only one arrow when fired.
    • All arrows fired from these bows will always break upon impact.
  • Wooden Arrows fired from the Molten Fury are considered to be Flaming Arrows and have a chance to be recoverable as such.
    • The Sharanga's arrows can be recovered as Spectral Arrows.
  • Jester's Arrows, Hellfire Arrows, Venom Arrows, and Vulcan Bolts are always consumed and cannot be re-used.
    • For this reason, it is impossible to have Vulcan Bolts in the inventory without hacking, because they only appear when the player fires the Vulcan Repeater, and are always destroyed on impact.
  • Flaming Arrows, Frostburn Arrows, Cursed Arrows and Ichor Arrows, if they did not break, have a 2/3 chance to downgrade back to Wooden Arrow after being shot.
  • The Aljava Infinita provides an infinite supply of Wooden Arrows, and is therefore affected by arrow-converting effects.
    • Despite not using ammo, shots fired with a bow using the Endless Quiver as ammo still have a chance to drop recoverable Wooden Arrows.


  • Arrows are particularly powerful early game, where even a Copper Bow with simple Wooden Arrows will deal double the damage a sword can.
  • Wooden Arrows should be upgraded to Flaming Arrows or Frostburn Arrows, as that does not require a lot of resources yet greatly increases their usefulness.
  • The Magic Quiver substantially boosts the effectiveness of arrows, boosting damage, velocity, and knockback, and granting a chance not to consume them upon use.
  • In Journey Mode only 99 arrows are needed for Research and infinite duplication, rendering the Endless Quiver useless, as it needs 3996 Wooden Arrows to be used, only giving infinite Wooden Arrows.
    • However, it does not need to be duplicated mid-combat like arrows do.