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Flutuador de NébulaExclusivo do Modo Difícil
Nebula Floater.png
Classic mode icon.png Clássico
Expert mode icon.png Perito
Master mode icon.png Mestre
Inimigo Voador
Tipo de IAIA Flutuador de Nébula
Dano75/150/225 (físico)
130200??? (longo alcance)
Vida máx.1300/2600/3900
Res. ao RC50%/55%/60%
Imune aConfuso

The Nebula Floater is a Modo Difícil, post-Lunatic Cultist flying enemy that spawns near the Nebula Pillar during the Lunar Events. It periodically spawns miniature eyes that float around it. Its main attack is either ramming into the player, or by distancing itself and proceeding to shoot a pink Nebula Laser from one of its followers at you, dealing significant amounts of damage. It will also try to teleport around the player while firing its laser, appearing to do this more often in Expert Mode. It is one of the enemies of the Nebula Pillar event that must be paid attention to. They are somewhat common and in groups can overwhelm the player.


  • Using weapons that are good for crowd control can come in handy when dealing with large groups of Nebula Floaters. If you've already defeated the Vortex Pillar, the Vortex Beater with Chlorophyte Bullets would be a great weapon of choice.
  • The lasers leave a trail on their path, making it easy to tell where they're shooting you from. These are not to be confused with the lines coming from slain enemies, which are yellow and red in color.
  • Nebula Floaters sometimes teleport when hit, so using a high-damage weapon (such as a Sniper Rifle) may be advisable.


  • The appearance of the Nebula Floater closely resembles the Brain of Cthulhu.
  • The AI of a Nebula Floater is similar to that of a Flow Invader.
  • O registro no BestiaryBestiário para o Flutuador de Nébula é: "Estes seres celestiais parecidos com cérebros têm poderes psíquicos e são capazes de dobrar o espaço e conjurar lacaios óticos poderosos."


  • Desktop Introduced.
  • Mobile Introduced.