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Mana é um recurso consumido pelo jogador ao usar armas de magia. Cada arma de magia possui um custo específico que consome a mana do jogador quando usada. Quando a mana restante do jogador é menor do que o custo da arma, a arma não poderá ser usada até o jogador ter regenerado mana suficiente.

Similar à vida do jogador, a mana total e atual são representadas por uma barra ou coluna de estrelas, dependendo do estilo da interface. Cada unidade (uma estrela ou um segmento da barra) representa 20 mana. Mana regenera automaticamente enquanto o jogador não está usando uma arma de magia, regenerando mais rapidamente se o jogador está parado e/ou possui mais mana total. Quando a regeneração foi completada, um som toca e um efeito de faíscas azuis aparece brevemente no personagem.

Cada personagem começa com 20 mana total. Usar um Cristal de Mana aumenta a capacidade em 20, podendo ser repetido até o jogador possuir 200 mana total após usar 9 Cristais. A capacidade também pode ser aumentada com equipamento, como armaduras, acessórios e o modificador Arcano.


Para usar armas de magia mais frequentemente, certos itens podem ser usados para aumentar a mana total ou reduzir o custo de mana das armas. Uso inteligente de mana faz com que um aumento na mana total também efetivamente seja um aumento na regeneração de mana.

Item Aumento de mana total Redução no uso de mana Notes
Pulseira do Poder das EstrelasPulseira do Poder das Estrelas 20 -
Pulseira de Regeneração de ManaPulseira de Regeneração de Mana 20 - Aumenta a taxa de regeneração de mana.
Algemas MágicasAlgemas Mágicas 20 - Restaura mana ao receber dano.
Algemas CelestiaisAlgemas Celestiais 20 - Restaura mana ao receber dano. Aumenta o alcance de coleta de estrelas.
Roupão AmetistaRoupão Ametista 20 5%
Chapéu da SelvaChapéu da Selva / Elmo de Cobalto AntigoElmo de Cobalto Antigo 40 /
16% (conjunto)
Camiseta da SelvaCamiseta da Selva / Calças de Cobalto AntigasCalças de Cobalto Antigas 20 16% (conjunto)
Calça da SelvaCalça da Selva / Peitoral de Cobalto AntigoPeitoral de Cobalto Antigo 20 16% (conjunto)
Roupão TopázioRoupão Topázio 40 7%
Roupão SafiraRoupão Safira 40 9%
Chapéu de CobaltoChapéu de Cobalto 40 14% (conjunto)
Capacete de PaládioCapacete de Paládio 60 -
Roupão EsmeraldaRoupão Esmeralda 60 11%
Roupão RubiRoupão Rubi 60 13%
Máscara de espectroMáscara de espectro 60 13%
Capuz de MithrilCapuz de Mithril 60 17% (conjunto)
Elmo de NébulaElmo de Nébula 60 15% 7% de aumento nos danos por magia e na chance de acerto crítico.
Capacete de OricalcoCapacete de Oricalco 80 -
Roupão DiamanteRoupão Diamante 80 15%
Roupão ProibidoRoupão Proibido 40 -
Capacete de ClorofitaCapacete de Clorofita 80 17%
Capacete de AdamantinaCapacete de Adamantina 80 19% (conjunto)
Capacete de TitânioCapacete de Titânio 100 -
Capacete ConsagradoCapacete Consagrado 100 -
Proteção para a cabeça espectralProteção para a cabeça espectral 120 - +150 mana total com a Calça espectral .
Calça espectralCalça espectral 30 -
Presente da NaturezaPresente da Natureza - 6%
Flor de ManaFlor de Mana - 8% Usa Poções de Mana automaticamente.
Flor ImãFlor Imã - 8% Usa Poções de Mana automaticamente. Aumenta o alcance de coleta de estrelas.
Flor ArcanaFlor Arcana - 8% Usa Poções de Mana automaticamente. Inimigos têm menos chance de te atacar.
Capa de ManaCapa de Mana - 8% Usa Poções de Mana automaticamente. Faz uma estrela cair ao tomar dano. Estrelas restauram mana quando coletadas.
Roupão do Artista SombrioRoupão do Artista Sombrio - 15%
Bola de CristalBola de Cristal 20 (1 star) 2% Lasts 10 minutes.
Acessório Arcano 20 (1 star) -
Arma Mística / Adepto / Mestre - 15%
Arma Celestial / Maníaco / Mítico - 10%

Restaurando Mana[]

Mana regenerates on its own when not in use until the player's current maximum is reached.

The natural rate of regeneration is modified by whether or not the player is moving and how much current mana a character has. This formula exists to punish reckless mana use – if all mana is spent, the player will have almost no regeneration at all until they stop moving or use a potion. Conversely, when the player stands still waiting between uses of magical weapons until mana is refilled, mana recovers at its fastest possible rate. Wearing items that increase the maximum mana can thus also increase the rate of recovery, as each use of magic will still leave the player with more remaining mana, and the higher multiplier.

However, mana does not regenerate for a small period after any magic is expended, meaning that to start regenerating mana the player must stop casting spells for a short time. The regeneration cooldown starts the moment the player stops spending mana, so casting Magic Missile and Flamelash will start the cooldown as soon as it is cast, regardless of how long the projectile is held. Setting up Star Statues on timers can help giving magic-using players much better rates of magical fire in boss-fighting or enemy-farming situations where there is time to prepare where the player is going to fight. (A Crystal Ball is also helpful in such situations.)

To be more specific,[1] the mana regeneration has a similar mechanism of health regeneration – there is also a mana counter which is increased by a mana regeneration rate every tick.[2] When it reaches 120 or more, it would be reduced by 120 and increase mana by 1. (So, 1 mana regeneration rate equals to 0.5 mana per second.)

Also, there is a mana regeneration delay, which would be set to a certain number calculated by the formula below (round up after the calculation), if the player used any magic weapons: \mathit{mana\ regeneration\ delay} = 0.7\times\left(\left(1-\frac{\mathit{current\ mana}}{\mathit{maximum\ mana}}\right)\times 240 + 45 \right)

It will be reduced by 1 (if moving) or 2 (if standing still) every tick (also an additional 1 per tick if wearing the Mana Regeneration Band). Once it reaches 0, the mana regeneration rate would be calculated by the formula below:

If the player is moving: \mathit{mana\ regeneration\ rate} = \left(\frac{\mathit{maximum\ mana}}{7}+1+\mathit{bonus}\right)\times\left(\frac{\mathit{current\ mana}}{\mathit{maximum\ mana}}\times0.8+0.2\right)\times1.15

If the player is standing still: \mathit{mana\ regeneration\ rate} = \left(\frac{\mathit{maximum\ mana}}{7}+1+\frac{\mathit{maximum\ mana}}{2}+\mathit{bonus}\right)\times\left(\frac{\mathit{current\ mana}}{\mathit{maximum\ mana}}\times0.8+0.2\right)\times1.15

Note: In both formulae, the bonus will normally be 0. It would be 25 if the player was wearing the Mana Regeneration Band.

Then, if the player has the Mana Regeneration buff, the mana regeneration delay will be reset to 20 if it is greater than 20, and it would always treat the player as standing still and having maximum mana. So, it would act like this formula: \mathit{mana\ regeneration\ rate} = \left(\frac{\mathit{maximum\ mana}}{7}+1+\frac{\mathit{maximum\ mana}}{2}+\mathit{bonus}\right)\times1.15

If a player wants to rely on magical weapons for normal exploration, they should memorize how to best recover mana, even while distracted. To make the most of mana regeneration, the player should practice understanding the timing between when they fire, and when the tone that indicates they have recovered full mana occurs, (so that they fire their next attack at exactly that moment,) and try to remain stationary during times when the mana recovery starts. Firing can be practiced in a safe location like the player's home until they are comfortable with how they regenerate their mana.

Several items can be used to regenerate mana:

Item Instant mana restoration Notes
Cristal de ManaCristal de Mana 20 Also increases maximum mana by 20. Can be used a maximum of 9 times on a single character (until a permanent maximum of 200 is reached).
Poção de Mana SimplesPoção de Mana Simples 50
Poção de ManaPoção de Mana 100
Poção de Mana AvançadaPoção de Mana Avançada 200
Poção de Super ManaPoção de Super Mana 300
Poção de Restauração SimplesPoção de Restauração Simples 50 Shares a cooldown with most other consumable healing items.
Poção de RestauraçãoPoção de Restauração 80 Shares a cooldown with most other consumable healing items.
Bebida EstranhaBebida Estranha 400 Shares a cooldown with most other consumable healing items.
Poção de Regeneração de ManaPoção de Regeneração de Mana - Increased mana regeneration, lasts 7 minutes.
Pulseira de Regeneração de ManaPulseira de Regeneração de Mana - While equipped, increases mana by 20 and increases mana regeneration rate.
Algemas MágicasAlgemas Mágicas - While equipped, increases mana by 20 and restores mana when damaged.
Reforço de ManaReforço de Mana - Provides the Mana Nebula buff, which continually restores mana (10 per second for each level) regardless of current usage or mana supply. Effects can be stacked up to three times.
EstrelaEstrela 100
Ímã CelestialÍmã Celestial - While equipped, increases the pickup range for stars.
Flor ImãFlor Imã - Uses Mana Potions automatically. Increases the pickup range for stars.
Algemas CelestiaisAlgemas Celestiais - While equipped, increases mana by 20, restores mana when damaged, and increases the pickup range for stars.
Emblema CelestialEmblema Celestial - While equipped, increases magic damage and the pickup range for stars.
Estrela na GarrafaEstrela na Garrafa - Increased mana regeneration when nearby.
Estátua de EstrelaEstátua de Estrela - Activating a Star Statue via wire will spawn a blue mana star.


  • Mana-restoring effects will not exceed the player's maximum mana and any mana restoration beyond the maximum is lost. It is thus advisable to take care when pressing the mana potion hotkey to avoid wasteful overuse of mana restoring items.
  • Restoration Potions (which also restore health) share an item cooldown called Potion Sickness with all other health-restoring items. The cooldown is 60 seconds long and begins when the consumable item is used. During this period, the player is unable to consume any more of those items. This prevents players from bypassing hazardous areas or enemies by constant item consumption.
    • "Pure" mana-restoration items do not have this restriction – there is even the previously mentioned Mana Flower item that allows automatic consumption of mana potions for continuous mana consumption. Players may attempt continuous fire of magical attacks if they are willing to pay the costs in terms of potions to do so. Do keep in mind that consuming a "pure" mana-restoration item will trigger the Mana Sickness debuff. While this will not prevent the player from consuming more mana potions, it will cripple their magic damage output for a short time. Consider having Magic Power Potions to offset the reduction in magic damage if using a Mana Flower.
  • It is generally more worthwhile to focus on equipment that reduces mana cost instead of increasing maximum mana, especially if using weapons with a low mana cost. For example, a Mythical Razorpine's mana cost can be reduced from 4 to 2 when using the Spectre Mask and Dark Artist's Robes, both of which also provide substantial offensive magic bonuses. This is functionally the same as doubling your maximum mana.
  • Maximum mana is capped at a value of 400. It is possible to reach this value without any Mana Crystals by equipping certain gear:
  • Capacete de TitânioCapacete de Titânio
  • Capacete ConsagradoCapacete Consagrado(alternative to Titanium Headgear)
  • Roupão DiamanteRoupão Diamante
  • Botas ProibidasBotas Proibidas
  • ClarividênciaClarividência
  • Pulseira do Poder das EstrelasPulseira do Poder das Estrelas
  • Pulseira de Regeneração de ManaPulseira de Regeneração de Mana
  • Algemas MágicasAlgemas Mágicas
  • three other Arcane accessories
    (using the Demon Heart)
  • Proteção para a cabeça espectralProteção para a cabeça espectral
  • Roupão DiamanteRoupão Diamante
  • Calça espectralCalça espectral
  • ClarividênciaClarividência
  • Pulseira do Poder das EstrelasPulseira do Poder das Estrelas
  • Pulseira de Regeneração de ManaPulseira de Regeneração de Mana
  • Algemas MágicasAlgemas Mágicas
  • two other Arcane accessories
This even increases the maximum mana to 410.


Achievement Topped Off.png
No Topo • Chegue ao máximo de vida e de mana sem acessórios ou reforços.
Chegue na vida e mana máxima.
Achievement Maxed Out.png
Maxed Out • “You have the maximum health and mana!”
Maximize sua vida e mana.


  • The sound that is played when mana is fully restored is also used for notifying the end of the projectile's cooldown of the Starfury, Frostbrand, Beam Sword, Ice Blade, Enchanted Sword, Chlorophyte Claymore, and Chlorophyte Saber.[3]


  • Desktop Added two new Mana Bar style options.
  • Desktop Spectre Hood does not increase Mana cost anymore.
  • Desktop 1.2.3:
    • Spectre Hood now has an increased Mana cost of 20% instead of lowering it and it does not add extra mana anymore.
    • New Spectre Hood variant introduced: Spectre Mask, which lowers Mana cost by 13% and increases max mana by 60 (3 stars).
  • Desktop 1.2: New characters start with base Mana.
  • Desktop Fixed a bug where Mana would not regenerate if the player had 0 base mana.
  • Desktop 1.0.6:
    • Mana now recharges depending when how much the player has in their mana pool. The more mana they currently have, the faster it recharges. It also recharges much faster when standing still compared to when moving.
    • Mana bar turned from purple to blue, along with most related items.
    • A sound effect signifies when it is filled and the character will emit a small glitter with a "blip" sound.


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