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This template returns the NPC ID of an NPC based on its name. It requires the exact name of the NPC, with potential sub-names in parentheses (e.g. Kobold Glider (T3)).


{{NpcIdFromName | <NPC name> (optional) }}

First unnamed parameter

Name of the NPC. Can be omitted in order to simply load the database and use the generated #dplvars elsewhere.


Since worms consist of several NPCs with different IDs, lacking a result for their trivial name, the ID of the worm's head will be returned when using its trivial name. Requesting Wyvern, for instance, results in 87, while the Wyvern's single NPC IDs are as follows:

Wyvern Head 87
Wyvern Legs 88
Wyvern Body 89
Wyvern Body 2 90
Wyvern Body 3 91
Wyvern Tail 92


  • {{NpcIdFromName|Eye of Cthulhu}} → 4
  • {{NpcIdFromName|Sand Poacher (On Wall)}} → 531

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