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PrendedorExclusivo do Modo Difícil
Clinger.pngVersão para Console old-gen e Versão para 3DS
Classic mode icon.png Clássico
Expert mode icon.png Perito
Master mode icon.png Mestre
Tipo de IAIA Planta
Dano70/140/210 (físico)
4468102 (Chama Amaldiçoada)
Vida máx.320/640/960
Res. ao RC80%/82%/84%
BandeiraBandeira do PrendedorBandeira do Prendedor
Imune aInferno amaldiçoadoConfuso
Inflige o efeito negativo
Inflige o efeito negativo
Inflige o efeito negativo
Inferno amaldiçoadoInferno amaldiçoado
DicaPerdendo vida
Duração71417.5 segundos
  • Item (Quantidade)Taxa
  • Chama AmaldiçoadaChama Amaldiçoada (2-5)

O Prendedor ("Clinger" em inglês) é um inimigo do Modo Difícil encontrado no bioma da Corrupção Subterrânea. Clingers spawn anchored to a block, with their head attached to an extendable "stem" that does not damage the player. They attack by launching orbs of Cursed Flames at the player, which can inflict the Cursed Inferno debuff.


  • Os Prendedores são imunes à lava.
  • Clingers are one of the three creatures that drop the valuable Cursed Flames, with the others being the World Feeder and the Vile Ghoul (however, the Clinger is the only one that actually uses the Cursed Flames as a weapon). Though they are more common than World Feeders underground, they do not appear on the surface. A player who intends to use Cursed Arrows, Cursed Bullets or Cursed Darts should make an effort to kill them whenever possible.


  • Clingers will not launch their projectile for a couple of seconds after being struck by knockback; players can use this to their advantage and prevent a Clinger from being able to retaliate until it is slain. Additionally, Clingers' projectiles do not travel through solid objects, which players can use to their advantage while approaching.
  • Mining the block that a Clinger is anchored to kills it instantly; killing Clingers this way, however, prevents them from dropping any coins or items.


  • Despite being able to shoot Cursed Flames, they are not immune to the Cursed Inferno debuff.
  • They might be Corrupted versions of Man Eaters or Angry Trappers, judging from their AI and appearance.
  • O registro no BestiaryBestiário para o Prendedor é: "Nas profundezas da corrupção mais obscura vivem pesadelos cheios de tentáculos e que vomitam fogo amaldiçoado. Eles saem das próprias paredes."