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SerpeExclusivo do Modo Difícil
Wyvern.pngVersão para Console old-gen e Versão para 3DS
Classic mode icon.png Clássico
Expert mode icon.png Perito
Master mode icon.png Mestre
Inimigo VoadorInimigo Escavador
Tipo de IAIA Verme
Vida máx.4000/8000/12000
Res. ao RC100%
BandeiraBandeira da SerpeBandeira da Serpe
Imune aConfuso
Variante exclusiva para Versão para Console old-gen Console old-gen e 3DSVersão para 3DS
Arch Wyvern.png
Inimigo VoadorInimigo Escavador
Tipo de IAWorm AI
Vida máx.8000
BandeiraArch Wyvern BannerArch Wyvern Banner
Não deve ser confundido com Serpe de Éter.

Serpes ("Wyvern" em inglês) são grandes inimigos do Modo Difícil que são gerados no Espaço. Elas assemelham-se a dragões chineses, são longas e brancas, e seguem a IA Verme. Arqui-serpes são a variante cor-de-bronze exclusiva do Versão para Console old-gen Console old-gen e 3DSVersão para 3DS.

Elas seguirão os jogadores até o nível do chão, e podem voar através de blocos, mas Serpes comuns tendem a não voar abaixo do chão.

Serpes serão geradas somente quando o jogador estiver acima de uma certa altitude (veja Espaço § Notas). Fora dos biomas de Carmim, Corrupção e Calabouço, e exceto durante eventos, ter pelo menos um NPC próximo ao jogador também as prevenirá de serem geradas. Uma Serpe não será gerada se outra já estiver viva, e como a maioria dos inimigos que podem atravessar blocos, ela não poderá ser gerada se o próprio jogador estiver na frente de paredes colocadas por um jogador, mesmo que haja pontos de geração válidos para a Serpe.



Classic mode icon.png Clássico
Expert mode icon.png Perito
Master mode icon.png Mestre
2 valores: pré-Modo Difícil › Modo Difícil
3 valores: pré-Modo Difícil › Modo Difícil › pós-Plantera
NPC ID Segment Dano Defesa
87 Wyvern Head.png Cabeça da Serpe 80/160/240 10
88 Wyvern Legs.png Pernas da Serpe 40/80/120 20
89 Wyvern Body.png Corpo da Serpe 40/80/120 20
90 Wyvern Body 2.png Corpo da Serpe 2 40/80/120 20
91 Wyvern Body 3.png Corpo da Serpe 3 40/80/120 20
92 Wyvern Tail.png Cauda da Serpe 40/80/120 20


NPC ID Segment Dano Defesa
1013 Arch Wyvern Head.png Arch Wyvern Head 89 30
1014 Arch Wyvern Legs.png Arch Wyvern Legs 70 40
1015 Arch Wyvern Body.png Arch Wyvern Body 70 40
1016 Arch Wyvern Body 2.png Arch Wyvern Body 2 70 40
1017 Arch Wyvern Body 3.png Arch Wyvern Body 3 70 40
1018 Arch Wyvern Tail.png Arch Wyvern Tail 70 30


  • É possível matar uma Serpe enquanto sua cabeça está fora do mapa. Como a cabeça é a parte que solta os espólios, isso pode resultar na perda dos espólios.
  • Wyverns are a total of 15 segments long. The first segment is the head, the third and seventh are the legs, the second, fourth through ninth, eleventh and twelfth are body segments, and the last three are the tail segments.
  • Despite dwelling in the sky, they are immune to lava and can swim through it unhindered, like all worm-like enemies.
  • On the Versão para 3DSVersão para 3DS, Wyverns do not despawn when all players die, unlike most other enemies and bosses.
  • The Wyvern will not follow the player underground. It will go in the opposite direction if the player goes below the surface.


  • As with any multi-segmented enemy, piercing and explosive weapons can strike multiple segments at once, dealing several times their normal damage.
    • Using a bow or repeater with Jester's Arrows or Holy Arrows is a good way to kill a Wyvern.
    • As of, thrown-type flails like the Blue Moon or Sunfury are highly effective against Wyverns and can kill them in a single, well aimed hit in normal mode. The Sunfury can inflict On Fire! to multiple segments, dealing large damage with few hits.
    • Other useful items for killing Wyverns and other worms are the Shotgun or Detonador de Ônix (with Exploding Bullets), the Nimbus Rod, and the Cabeça da Medusa.
    • The Drenagem da Vida, obtained from Mímico de Carmim, is also a very powerful choice, as it can absorb life from many segments at once.
  • Dodging a Wyvern is crucial, as it is capable of inflicting significant damage.
    • It is easier to fight a Wyvern at higher altitudes in Space, as the low gravity helps to dodge its attacks.
      • Engaging a Wyvern with a Gravitation Potion in Space and allowing themselves to free-fall while moving horizontally can put the player at almost the same speed as the Wyvern. With adequate movement speed buffs it is possible to match or even outpace it, and while the Wyvern is tailing the player, attacking it with piercing weapons such as the Golden Shower can make short work of it, even in Modo Perito or Modo Mestre.
  • Wyverns can be hard to kill in early Hardmode, so it is recommended to stay away from them until better armor and piercing weapons can be obtained.
  • Minecarts and the Unicorn Mount are both faster than a Wyvern.
  • The head of a Wyvern has lower defense than its tail or body segments, making it more vulnerable to damage as it charges the player. However, the head also deals twice the damage as the rest of the body on contact, making it risky to face a Wyvern head on.


  • Although the name wyvern refers to a type of Western dragon depicted as having two wings and two hind legs, but no arms or forelegs, Terrarian Wyverns are shaped after Chinese dragons in Chinese folklore.
  • The Angler mentions in a quest that Wyverns are born and raised as tadpoles called Cauda de SerpeCauda de Serpe.
  • Versão para Console old-gen Wyverns take knockback, while Arch Wyverns do not.
  • The Wyvern strongly resembles Haku's dragon form from the 2001 Japanese animated coming-of-age fantasy movie Spirited Away (image).
  • According to the Collector's Edition trading card, Wyverns are capable of speaking and were once kind, but the Corruption has made them aggressive.
  • Once Hardmode begins, a Wyvern can sometimes be seen flying in the background as ambience.
    • A cloud in the shape of a Wyvern can also appear in the background.
  • The painting O Guardião do CéuO Guardião do Céu, sold by the Painter, depicts a Wyvern.
  • According to their Bestiary entry, the Dragão Fantasma are souls of Wyverns summoned with powerful magic.
  • O registro no BestiaryBestiário para o Serpe é: "Uma criatura dracônica colossal liberta juntamente com os espíritos antigos. Domina os céus com seu poder sem igual."



  • Desktop Now drops the Wyvern Kite.
  • Desktop 1.3.5: Sprite updated.
  • Desktop Added new sounds.
  • Desktop 1.1.1:
    • Now less common.
    • Now less likely to spawn near the ground.
  • Desktop 1.1: Introduced.
  • Console 1.0.750.0: (PS4)
    • Removed Arch Wyvern.
    • Wyvern no longer takes knockback.
    • Added new sounds from Desktop
  • Console 1.02: Arch Wyvern sprite updated. The old sprite was: Arch Wyvern (old).png
  • Console-Release: Introduced with the exclusive Arch Wyvern and changes from Desktop 1.1.1.
  • Mobile
    • Removed Arch Wyvern.
    • Added new sounds from Desktop
  • Mobile 1.2.6508: Arch Wyvern sprite updated to match Console 1.02.
  • Mobile 1.1.5536: Introduced with the exclusive Arch Wyvern and changes from Desktop 1.1.1.
  • 3DS-Release: Introduced with changes from Desktop 1.1.1.