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В ближайшие дни будет осуществлён перенос статей из «Террария вики»
В течение нескольких дней в русскоязычный раздел официальной Terraria Wiki будут переноситься статьи из русскоязычного раздела неофициальной «Террария вики».
Настоятельно рекомендуем не вносить какие-либо изменения в статьи, которые буду перенесы из неофициальной вики, а также не нужно переносить статьи самостоятельно. Всё будет производиться и исправляться в полуавтоматическом режиме.


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Аватарка Awesome diamonds

Awesome diamonds

aka Alycorn (or formerly H3mi)

Visit my userpage!

I love playing Minecraft, Terraria, Bloons TD, Ghostrunner, and other games. You can usually find me moderating on the Terraria Discord.

I want to quickly give credit to Ferretwings for my signature's Papyrus font to and Leonord curse for the special brackets idea, and for both of them being generally awesome editors :)

Discord: Alicorn#3325
TCF: H3mispher3

This may be completely random, but I have a Scratch account here, where I used to mess around with visual basic as much as possible (hacked blocks for the win!!!). I've since moved on to Java, but visual basic was pretty fun to use, and you might find it fun to learn programming basics there, too!

I used to edit infrequently under the IPs and I also used to edit very frequently under (regretting not logging in, I did so many edits there...).

Fun Fact: I originally created this account as Awesome_Diamonds, but as many of you wikicoders out there know, that did not go over well... Also I have no idea what happened to the caps on "diamonds".

And also, why not visit a random page? I'm sure you'll find something interesting.

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