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The patch notes listed below pertain to the Desktop only.png Desktop version.
Added items are likely included in Console version Console versionOld-gen console version Old-gen console versionMobile version Mobile version,  and Nintendo 3DSNintendo 3DS version version as well. Bug fixes for Console, Old-gen, Mobile, and 3DS can be found in Console historyOld-gen historyMobile history and 3DS history, respectively.

The 1.2.1 patch, also known as the Halloween Update, added several new features, fixed various bugs, and made various game changes. It made Halloween Terraria's second seasonal event (after Christmas) and introduced the Pumpkin Moon.

Bug Fixes[]



  • Added Pumpkin Tiles and Walls
  • Added Hay Tiles and Walls
  • Added Spooky Wood Tiles and Walls
  • Added Goodie Bags that drop from most monsters during Halloween
  • Added new Pumpkin Moon event that will be available all year
  • Added new Halloween themed pets
  • Added new Halloween themed costumes
  • Added new Halloween themed paintings
  • Added new Halloween themed weapons and armor
  • Added Creeper set, which can be rarely found in goodie bags.
  • Several common enemies will now be in costumes
  • Hearts and Stars have been replaced with something more festive
  • Several friendly NPCs will sell costumes
  • Dryad will now sell Pumpkin Seeds year-round
  • Merchant will now sell an item to harvest hay during Halloween
  • Pumpkins will grow on their own during Halloween
  • Added new decorative items craftable from Pumpkins and Spooky Wood
  • Added Ravens
  • Added Ghost Enemy