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Desktop version
Desktop-Only Content: This information applies only to the Desktop version of Terraria. was a hotfix update for the Desktop version released on November 22, 2021.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed an issue where Abigail's Flower would not visually sync on servers when it grew (rendering it invisible until you rejoined)
  • Deerclops now properly drops money
  • Fixed a rare crash caused by Jungle Mimics
  • Fixed an issue with Crystal Serpent being held unusually by the player
  • Fixed an issue where Plantero's Sombrero was poofing when turning Blood and Gore off
  • Removing an accidental second Garland recipe
  • Fixed a duplication exploit
  • Fixed an issue that caused some OGG files in Resource Packs not to loop properly
  • Fixed an issue where the player using a Stormbow did not visually "fire upwards"[sic]
  • Attempted a fix for issues where slow-joining players could die to Darkness while joining servers
  • Fixed an issue where interacting Pylons from beneath had a different range than the actual teleportation-allowed range
  • Fixed cases of Pressure Plates & Logic Sensors not properly being removed from the world when mined
  • Fixed Seasonal Bunnies not having the surface tag in bestiary
  • Fixed Frozen Zombie and Wolf not showing Snow Biome in bestiary
  • Deerclops & Ice Golem now correctly use the rain tag in bestiary
  • Fixed inconsistent order of surface and time Bestiary tags
  • Fixed a certain exploit
  • Fixed a potential issue with the Deerclops insanity in multiplayer
  • Trying to play corrupted cloud worlds should no longer crash the game

Balance Changes[]

Abigail's Flower
  • Increased Abigail's Flower spawnrate by 33%
  • Abigail can now only hit up to 3 enemies at once per "attack". This cap increases by 1 for every 2 extra minion slots expended on her (3 minions = 4, 5 minions = 5, etc).
  • Deerclops is now immune to Confusion [sic]
  • Deerclops' contact damage and his cold projectiles are now affected by Warmth Potion
Truffle Worms
  • Truffle Worms no longer take damage from hostile NPCs or projectiles

Wiki pages patched