This page is about achievements and trophies available in Terraria.

The following 30 Achievements and (31)Trophies are only on the Console Versions of the game and are worth a collective 400 gamerscore:

  • Terraria student - Start the tutorial
  • Terraria Expert - Complete the tutorial
  • Home sweet home - The guide has moved in
  • All in the family - Every NPC has moved in
  • Rock bottom - Reach the bottom of the world
  • Icarus - Reach the top of the world
  • Marathon runner - Travel 42km on the ground
  • Air Time - Catch some serious air
  • To hell and back - Go to the underworld and back without dying
  • Survivor - Survive the first night
  • Red Moon Rises - Survive the blood moon
  • Crowd Control - Defeat the goblin army
  • Be Prepared - Have 5 buffs activated at one time
  • Vanity of vanities - Have an item equipped in all 3 vanity slots
  • Maxed out - Max out your health and mana
  • A knight in shining armors - Obtain every Armor
  • Landscaper - Remove 10,000 blocks from the world
  • Engineer - Place 100 wires
  • Crafty - Use every crafting station
  • I'm smelting - Smelt 10,000 bars of metal
  • Blacksmith - Craft 300 items at an anvil
  • Pet hoarder - Find ALL the pets
  • Challenge accepted - Unlock hard mode
  • Corruptable - Corrupt most of the world
  • Hallowed be thy name - Hallow most of the world
  • Slimer - Kill every type of slime
  • Bona Fide - Kill Skeletron Prime
  • Ride the worm - Kill The Destroyer
  • Ophthalmologist - Kill The Twins
  • Exterminator - Kill every boss
  • Hellevator-reach hell through a hellevator in less than 60 seconds
  • The completionist(PS3 only)-Collect all other trophies



  • An Ophthalmologist is a doctor specializing in treatment of eye diseases.
  • Icarus was the son of Daedalus, who escaped from Crete using wings made by his father, but was killed when he flew too near the sun.
  • For the Achievement "Maxed Out" there is a type that reads "Max out your heatlh and mana."
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