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Advanced Combat Techniques
  • Advanced Combat Techniques item sprite
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Use time45 (Very slow)
TooltipIncreases the defense and strength of all villagers
'Contains offensive and defensive fighting techniques'
RarityRarity level: 2
Research1 required
This article is about a consumable in-game item. For a guide for armor/weapon setups, see Guide:Class setups. For a general guide on how to progress, see Guide:Walkthrough.

Advanced Combat Techniques is a consumable obtained by fishing during a Blood Moon. It can only be used once per world, and others cannot be fished up once one has already been used. However, multiple copies can be obtained until the first is used.

On use, it permanently increases the defense of Town NPCs by 6 and attack damage by 20%, similar to the increases after each type of boss is defeated.

When used, the status message "The book's knowledge empowers your villagers!" is displayed.