This enemy is found only in the console and mobile version(s) of Terraria.
This article is for the enemy found in the console and mobile version. For the PC version, see Antlion.

The Albino Antlion is a monster found in the console and mobile versions of Terraria. It looks and behaves just like the normal Antlion monster, but is colored white with purple eyes.


  • Several cases have observed the Antlion as they appear to be flying, hopping, or moving across the ground.
  • The term "Albino" means a person or animal having a congenital, (congenital means 'present from birth'), absence of pigment in the skin or hair (which is white) and the eyes (which is typically pink). It can also be an abnormally white plant or animal.
Screenshot 2013-12-29-15-25-12

Albino antlion found in mobile version.

Update Info

Console release

  • Added to the game.
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