This article goes over the basics of potion making. For a list of potion recipes, see Crafting

Alchemy is a feature that allows players to create various potions from ingredients gathered from around the world.


Upside Down Alchemy

A character using a Gravitation Potion to invert gravity — one of the more powerful applications of Alchemy

In order to make potions, the player will always need to be standing near an Alchemy Station. Additionally, every potion will use as its base a) an empty Bottle, b) Bottled Water, or c) one or more of the "Lesser" variety of Healing/Mana Potions.

Other Ingredients

Depending on the potion, the player will also require one or more of the following:

(Note that some ingredients have no purpose beyond making potions, while others have other uses as well)

Gathering Ingredients

Main article: Farming Guide

Ingredients are dropped from enemies, mined with a pickaxe or broken with a hammer, or appear as Vegetation or Tree-like structures.