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|sub type = crafting station
|sub type = crafting station
|type = furniture
|type = furniture
|crafted with = [[Bottle]], [[Mug]], [[Chalice]], or [[Pink Vase]]<br><small>Placed on any of the following:</small><hr>
|crafted with = [[Bottle]], [[Mug]], [[Chalice]], or [[Pink Vase]]<br /><small>Placed on any of the following:</small><hr>
[[Dresser]]<br>[[Wooden Table]]<br>[[Work Bench]]<br>[[Wood Platform]]<br>[[Tinkerer's Workshop]]
[[Dresser]]<br />[[Wooden Table]]<br />[[Work Bench]]<br />[[Wood Platform]]<br />[[Tinkerer's Workshop]]
:''For a list of Alchemy Station crafting recipes, see [[Crafting]].''
:''For a list of Alchemy Station crafting recipes, see [[Crafting]].''

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For a list of Alchemy Station crafting recipes, see Crafting.

An Alchemy Station is a crafting station that is primarily used to craft potions. It is created by placing a Bottle or Pink Vase on most Flat Surface Items.


  • The interface of the Guide's crafting reference refers to Alchemy Station recipes as requiring a "Bottle".

Terraria - Crafting 101

Terraria - Crafting 101

Update Info

PC release

  • Added to the game.

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