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Placeable (1 wide × 1 high)
Use time15 (Very fast)
RarityRarity level: 0
Research15 required
This article is about the gem obtained from the Extractinator or found in Underground Deserts. For the pet summon, see Amber Mosquito.
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Amber is a gem acquired by placing Silt, Slush, or Desert Fossil into an Extractinator, by finding an Amber Gem Tree, or by searching through Underground Deserts.

Like all other gems, Amber can be placed on blocks. As of, they can be crafted into their Stony block forms at a Heavy Work Bench in a graveyard and can be obtained by cutting down an amber Gem Tree, dropping 0-5 of its respective gems.


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  • Amber's original purpose, Orange Torches, were apparently added because of a "really persistent nagging brit", in reference to Youtuber ChippyGaming, AKA James Bennett[1]
  • Amber is strangely absent from the Sandgun's crafting recipe, instead using Topaz. This is likely because the Sandgun was introduced before Amber was.
  • In real life, amber is fossilized tree resin, making it different from other gems' real-life counterparts in the fact that it is much younger and made of organic material. Such resin is called copal.


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  • Desktop 1.3.1:
    • Inventory sprite updated.
    • Now used to craft the Large Amber and the Amber Gem Lock.
  • Console 1.0.750.0: (PS4)
    • Inventory sprite updated to match Desktop 1.3.1.
    • Now used to craft the Amber Staff.