[1] The Angler is an NPC introduced in the 1.2.4 patch. He is located in the Ocean Biome, and can be found sleeping on the beach, or sleeping in the water, and must be "rescued" [right-clicked on (B or circle if on Xbox/3DS or Playstation, respectively)] similarly to the Stylist, Mechanic, Goblin Tinkerer, and Wizard. He does not sell anything, but will give out Fishing-based Quests. He will move into standard NPC housing. He can give one of the best fishing rods the Golden Fishing Rod
Quest Rewards
Angler's Quotes
  • "Hey! Just the sacrifi- I mean competent fishing master that I've been looking for!"
  • "Psst! I might have a job for you. Don't think you can say no, either!"
  • "I want a fish and you're going to find me one! Ask me about it!"
  • "[Angler's Name] wants YOU as the official [World's Name] errand monkey!"

After finishing a quest:

  • "There's no chefs in all of [World's Name], so I have to cook all this fish myself!"
  • "Whaaaat?! Can't you see I'm winding up fishing line??"
  • "Let a kid give you an advice, never touch your tongue to an ice block! Wait, forget what I said, I totally want to see you do it!"
  • "I don't have a mommy or a daddy, but I have a lot of fish! It's close enough!"
  • "Ever heard of a barking fish?! I haven't, I'm just wondering if you did!"
  • "I'm bummed out! There's probably been fish that have gone extinct before I even was born, and that's not fair!"
  • "Hey! Watch it! I'm setting up traps for my biggest prank ever! No one will see it coming! Don't you dare tell anyone!"
  • "Heh heh, you shoulda seen the look on [Dryad's Name]'s face when I stuck that piranha tooth in the chair!"(only when Dryad is present)
  • "I have enough fish! I don't need your help right now!"
  • "[World's Name] is filled to the brim with the most outlandish kinds of fish!"

Clicking "quest" after already finishing a quest:

  • "You have entertained me enough for today, go."
  • "Only one fish a day, please go away!"
  • "I haven't even used the last fish you gave me. I don't need another."
  • "I don't have anything for you to do right now."
  • "You are done, the grand [Angler's name] dismisses you!"

During a blood moon:

  • "I have a request for you! No, I don't care that there's a zombie apocalypse right now!"
  • "Hurry up and listen! I need you to catch something for me right now!
  • "There's a bajillion monsters running around out there right now!"
  • "I hate blood moons! I stay up all night because of all the scary noises!"
  • "Blood moon is the worst time to fish! The fish bite, yes, but so do the zombies!"

During a party:

  • "What, you think I like parties because I am a kid? Well, you're right, so get partying!"
Angler's Names
Note: Upon adding a new name, make sure you add it in alphabetical (ABC) order.
  • Adam
  • Bart
  • Billy
  • Bobby
  • Bryce
  • Charles
  • Danny
  • Grayson
  • Ivan
  • Izzy
  • Jeff
  • Jey
  • Jimmy
  • Johnny
  • Matty
  • Miles
  • Nathan
  • Phillip
  • Sammy
  • Simon
  • Spencer
  • Timmy
  • Tyler
  • Zachery
  • Zeta


The angler uses a Frost Daggerfish for self-defense.


  • The Angler will sometimes give quests that require the player to catch fish from the Crimson in a Corruption world or vice versa.
  • The Quest completed count is character specific, meaning you are able to accumulate the number of quests required for an item given as a reward, from completing them on multiple worlds.


  • He may be a young boy due to his smaller size, and the nature of some of his quotes.
  • Instead of saying "[NPC's name] was slain," it will say "[Angler's Name] has left," and the Angler disappears into smoke if you see his death. This is because the character is a child, which is often seen as too brutal, especially by ratings and censorship agencies such as the ESRB. For example, the ESRB classifies the killing of a child as "intense violence", which would result in the game being rated Adults Only, which would drastically reduce the game's sales according to their ratings system.
  • The Angler seems to give a lot of information about the biology of certain Terraria mobs, a topic that has never been mentioned before in Terraria. For example, he refers to Pixies as sometimes being born with too many wings, and claims that Wyverns are born as tadpoles, making them an extremely large, airborne species of amphibian.


  • Very rarely, the Angler may walk out of the map before you "rescue" him, making him unobtainable.
  • Icon mobile In a multiplayer game, his quote will always be "(ANGLER-1)" This makes it impossible for 2 or more people to catch the same quest fish in the same game.
  • Icon xbox360 When the Angler is attacked while sleeping, he will glide along the ground with no friction.

Update Info


  • You can earn achievements by completing his quests.
  • He will always award money for completing quests.
  • You now get fishing rewards for every 5 quests completed, instead of the previous 10.


  • Added to the game.


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