The Angry Nimbus is a Hard Mode enemy resembling a rain cloud. They will only spawn during rain. Their attack involves following the player around from about 15-20 blocks directly above them at the same speed that a normal character moves at while continuously dropping 'Rain' on top of the player, dealing a moderate amount of damage. When they spawn, they seem to come from up in the sky, and then float down on the player. They can be quite hard to spot in rain, especially if it is night, as their sprite color is quite dark.


  • A nimbus cloud is a common grey rain cloud. Not to be confused with Cumulonimbus, a large storm cloud.
  • This monster could be a reference to Native American mythology; they believed in "angry sky gods" that caused storms and rain.

Update Info


  • Increased spawn rate.


  • Now has a chance to drop the Angry Nimbus Banner.


  • Added to the game.


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