This miniboss is found only in the 3DS/Old Gen Console version(s) of Terraria.

The Arch Wyvern is a type of Wyvern found in the console version during Hardmode, pre-update 1.3. It has double the health of a normal Wyvern, a damage output of 70-100 damage, and the ability to pass through blocks. Like many enemies and bosses, the Arch Wyvern will despawn if the player walks too far away from it. The Arch Wyvern can spawn anywhere in the cloud and space layers.


  • Rocket Boots or Spectre Boots paired with wings are useful against an Arch Wyvern since you can have sustained flight to better evade the Arch Wyvern's charges.
  • skybridge is useful for finding and fighting Arch Wyverns.
  • It is advised not to fight this mini-boss near your home, as the Arch Wyvern might follow you back to your spawn point and kill you when you spawn. It is even more of a bad idea to fight it near your home if you have any NPC(s) hanging around there because there is an almost definite chance that they'll die.


  • The Arch Wyvern can spawn at any time, day or night. There is an 80% chance that it will spawn more than usual at night.
  • It spawns most commonly at altitudes above 80 meters in small worlds.
  • Blood Moons increase the Arch Wyvern spawn rate and cause them to spawn at lower altitudes of about 50 meters.
  • Arch Wyverns are harder than Wyverns and will drop more Souls of Flight (non-expert Wyvern).


Arch Wyvern
  • Prior to v1.2, Arch Wyverns were simply just a green recolor of a normal Wyvern.


  • Icon xbox360 Icon ps3 In multiplayer games, the Arch Wyvern will sometimes fail to despawn even when all players move far away from it. In these situations, the only way to get rid of it is to kill it.
  • Icon mobile A Wyvern of any type may appear only as a head without its body. (It has since been removed from the mobile version, therefore this bug has been kinda-sorta fixed).

Update Info


  • New sprite.


  • Removed from the game.

Console release

  • Added to the game.
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