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This page lists the IDs of the individual armor graphics in Terraria.

ID Head Body Legs
1 Copper HelmetCopper Helmet Copper ChainmailCopper Chainmail Copper GreavesCopper Greaves
2 Iron HelmetIron Helmet Iron ChainmailIron Chainmail Iron GreavesIron Greaves
3 Silver HelmetSilver Helmet Silver ChainmailSilver Chainmail Silver GreavesSilver Greaves
4 Gold HelmetGold Helmet Gold ChainmailGold Chainmail Gold GreavesGold Greaves
5 Shadow HelmetShadow Helmet Shadow ScalemailShadow Scalemail Shadow GreavesShadow Greaves
6 Meteor HelmetMeteor Helmet Meteor SuitMeteor Suit Meteor LeggingsMeteor Leggings
7 Necro HelmetNecro Helmet Necro BreastplateNecro Breastplate Necro GreavesNecro Greaves
8 Jungle HatJungle Hat Jungle ShirtJungle Shirt Jungle PantsJungle Pants
9 Molten HelmetMolten Helmet Molten BreastplateMolten Breastplate Molten GreavesMolten Greaves
10 GogglesGoggles Tuxedo ShirtTuxedo Shirt Tuxedo PantsTuxedo Pants
11 Mining HelmetMining Helmet Plumber's ShirtPlumber's Shirt Plumber's PantsPlumber's Pants
12 SunglassesSunglasses Hero's ShirtHero's Shirt Hero's PantsHero's Pants
13 Empty BucketEmpty Bucket Archaeologist's JacketArchaeologist's Jacket Archaeologist's PantsArchaeologist's Pants
14 Wizard HatWizard Hat Ninja ShirtNinja Shirt Ninja PantsNinja Pants
15 Top HatTop Hat RobeRobe The Doctor's PantsThe Doctor's Pants
16 Summer HatSummer Hat The Doctor's ShirtThe Doctor's Shirt Cobalt LeggingsCobalt Leggings
17 Bunny HoodBunny Hood Cobalt BreastplateCobalt Breastplate Mythril GreavesMythril Greaves
18 Plumber's HatPlumber's Hat Mythril ChainmailMythril Chainmail Adamantite LeggingsAdamantite Leggings
19 Hero's HatHero's Hat Adamantite BreastplateAdamantite Breastplate Mining PantsMining Pants
20 Fish BowlFish Bowl Mining ShirtMining Shirt n/a
21 Archaeologist's HatArchaeologist's Hat n/a n/a
22 Ninja HoodNinja Hood n/a Clown PantsClown Pants
23 Jungle RoseJungle Rose Clown ShirtClown Shirt Hallowed GreavesHallowed Greaves
24 Red HatRed Hat Hallowed Plate MailHallowed Plate Mail Santa PantsSanta Pants
25 Robot HatRobot Hat Santa ShirtSanta Shirt Red's LeggingsRed's Leggings
26 Gold CrownGold Crown Red's BreastplateRed's Breastplate Frost LeggingsFrost Leggings
27 Diving HelmetDiving Helmet Frost BreastplateFrost Breastplate Tin GreavesTin Greaves
28 Mime MaskMime Mask Tin ChainmailTin Chainmail Lead GreavesLead Greaves
29 Cobalt HatCobalt Hat Lead ChainmailLead Chainmail Tungsten GreavesTungsten Greaves
30 Cobalt HelmetCobalt Helmet Tungsten ChainmailTungsten Chainmail Platinum GreavesPlatinum Greaves
31 Cobalt MaskCobalt Mask Platinum ChainmailPlatinum Chainmail Wood GreavesWood Greaves
32 Mythril HoodMythril Hood Wood BreastplateWood Breastplate Ebonwood GreavesEbonwood Greaves
33 Mythril HelmetMythril Helmet Ebonwood BreastplateEbonwood Breastplate Rich Mahogany GreavesRich Mahogany Greaves
34 Mythril HatMythril Hat Rich Mahogany BreastplateRich Mahogany Breastplate Pearlwood GreavesPearlwood Greaves
35 Adamantite HeadgearAdamantite Headgear Pearlwood BreastplatePearlwood Breastplate Crimson GreavesCrimson Greaves
36 Adamantite HelmetAdamantite Helmet Rune RobeRune Robe Snow PantsSnow Pants
37 Adamantite MaskAdamantite Mask Crimson ScalemailCrimson Scalemail Steampunk PantsSteampunk Pants
38 n/a Snow CoatSnow Coat Bee PantsBee Pants
39 n/a Steampunk ShirtSteampunk Shirt Mummy PantsMummy Pants
40 Clown HatClown Hat Bee ShirtBee Shirt Cowboy PantsCowboy Pants
41 Hallowed HelmetHallowed Helmet Princess DressPrincess Dress Pirate PantsPirate Pants
42 Hallowed HeadgearHallowed Headgear Pharaoh's RobePharaoh's Robe Cactus LeggingsCactus Leggings
43 Hallowed MaskHallowed Mask Mummy ShirtMummy Shirt Shadewood GreavesShadewood Greaves
44 Santa HatSanta Hat Cowboy JacketCowboy Jacket Ancient Shadow GreavesAncient Shadow Greaves
45 Red's HelmetRed's Helmet Pirate ShirtPirate Shirt Ancient Cobalt LeggingsAncient Cobalt Leggings
46 Frost HelmetFrost Helmet Cactus BreastplateCactus Breastplate Pink Snow PantsPink Snow Pants
47 Tin HelmetTin Helmet Shadewood BreastplateShadewood Breastplate Chlorophyte GreavesChlorophyte Greaves
48 Lead HelmetLead Helmet Ancient Shadow ScalemailAncient Shadow Scalemail Tiki PantsTiki Pants
49 Tungsten HelmetTungsten Helmet Ancient Cobalt BreastplateAncient Cobalt Breastplate Palladium LeggingsPalladium Leggings
50 Platinum HelmetPlatinum Helmet Pink Snow CoatPink Snow Coat Orichalcum LeggingsOrichalcum Leggings
51 Platinum CrownPlatinum Crown Chlorophyte Plate MailChlorophyte Plate Mail Titanium LeggingsTitanium Leggings
52 Wood HelmetWood Helmet Rain CoatRain Coat Sailor PantsSailor Pants
53 Ebonwood HelmetEbonwood Helmet Tiki ShirtTiki Shirt White Tuxedo PantsWhite Tuxedo Pants
54 Rich Mahogany HelmetRich Mahogany Helmet Palladium BreastplatePalladium Breastplate Turtle LeggingsTurtle Leggings
55 Pearlwood HelmetPearlwood Helmet Orichalcum BreastplateOrichalcum Breastplate Spectre PantsSpectre Pants
56 Rune HatRune Hat Titanium BreastplateTitanium Breastplate Shroomite LeggingsShroomite Leggings
57 Crimson HelmetCrimson Helmet Sailor ShirtSailor Shirt Cenx's LeggingsCenx's Leggings
58 Snow HoodSnow Hood Amethyst RobeAmethyst Robe Crowno's LeggingsCrowno's Leggings
59 Steampunk HatSteampunk Hat Topaz RobeTopaz Robe Will's LeggingsWill's Leggings
60 Bee HatBee Hat Sapphire RobeSapphire Robe Jim's LeggingsJim's Leggings
61 Pharaoh's MaskPharaoh's Mask Emerald RobeEmerald Robe Aaron's LeggingsAaron's Leggings
62 TiaraTiara Ruby RobeRuby Robe D-Town's LeggingsD-Town's Leggings
63 Green CapGreen Cap Diamond RobeDiamond Robe Cenx's Dress PantsCenx's Dress Pants
64 Mushroom CapMushroom Cap White Tuxedo ShirtWhite Tuxedo Shirt Pumpkin LeggingsPumpkin Leggings
65 Tam O' ShanterTam O' Shanter Turtle Scale MailTurtle Scale Mail Nurse PantsNurse Pants
66 Mummy MaskMummy Mask Spectre RobeSpectre Robe Cyborg PantsCyborg Pants
67 Cowboy HatCowboy Hat Shroomite BreastplateShroomite Breastplate Creeper PantsCreeper Pants
68 Pirate HatPirate Hat Cenx's BreastplateCenx's Breastplate Cat PantsCat Pants
69 Viking HelmetViking Helmet Crowno's BreastplateCrowno's Breastplate Pumpkin PantsPumpkin Pants
70 Cactus HelmetCactus Helmet Will's BreastplateWill's Breastplate Robot PantsRobot Pants
71 Shadewood HelmetShadewood Helmet Jim's BreastplateJim's Breastplate Unicorn PantsUnicorn Pants
72 Ancient Iron HelmetAncient Iron Helmet Aaron's BreastplateAaron's Breastplate Vampire PantsVampire Pants
73 Ancient Gold HelmetAncient Gold Helmet D-Town's BreastplateD-Town's Breastplate Leprechaun PantsLeprechaun Pants
74 Ancient Shadow HelmetAncient Shadow Helmet Cenx's DressCenx's Dress Pixie PantsPixie Pants
75 Ancient Necro HelmetAncient Necro Helmet Pumpkin BreastplatePumpkin Breastplate Witch BootsWitch Boots
76 Ancient Cobalt HelmetAncient Cobalt Helmet Nurse ShirtNurse Shirt Karate Tortoise PantsKarate Tortoise Pants
77 Pink Snow HoodPink Snow Hood Dye Trader RobeDye Trader Robe Scarecrow PantsScarecrow Pants
78 Chlorophyte MaskChlorophyte Mask Cyborg ShirtCyborg Shirt Fox PantsFox Pants
79 Chlorophyte HelmetChlorophyte Helmet Creeper ShirtCreeper Shirt Spooky LeggingsSpooky Leggings
80 Chlorophyte HeadgearChlorophyte Headgear Cat ShirtCat Shirt Space Creature PantsSpace Creature Pants
81 Rain HatRain Hat Ghost ShirtGhost Shirt Wolf PantsWolf Pants
82 Tiki MaskTiki Mask Pumpkin ShirtPumpkin Shirt Treasure Hunter PantsTreasure Hunter Pants
83 Palladium MaskPalladium Mask Robot ShirtRobot Shirt Dryad LoinclothDryad Loincloth
84 Palladium HelmetPalladium Helmet Unicorn ShirtUnicorn Shirt Mrs. Claus HeelsMrs. Claus Heels
85 Palladium HeadgearPalladium Headgear Vampire ShirtVampire Shirt Tree TrunksTree Trunks
86 Orichalcum MaskOrichalcum Mask Leprechaun ShirtLeprechaun Shirt Parka PantsParka Pants
87 Orichalcum HelmetOrichalcum Helmet Pixie ShirtPixie Shirt Elf PantsElf Pants
88 Orichalcum HeadgearOrichalcum Headgear Princess DressPrincess Dress n/a
89 Titanium MaskTitanium Mask Witch DressWitch Dress n/a
90 Titanium HelmetTitanium Helmet Bride of Frankenstein DressBride of Frankenstein Dress n/a
91 Titanium HeadgearTitanium Headgear Karate Tortoise ShirtKarate Tortoise Shirt n/a
92 Umbrella HatUmbrella Hat Scarecrow ShirtScarecrow Shirt n/a
93 SkullSkull Reaper RobeReaper Robe n/a
94 Balla HatBalla Hat Fox ShirtFox Shirt n/a
95 Gangsta HatGangsta Hat Spooky BreastplateSpooky Breastplate n/a
96 Sailor HatSailor Hat Space Creature ShirtSpace Creature Shirt n/a
97 Eye PatchEye Patch Wolf ShirtWolf Shirt n/a
98 Skeletron MaskSkeletron Mask Treasure Hunter ShirtTreasure Hunter Shirt Beetle LeggingsBeetle Leggings
99 Turtle HelmetTurtle Helmet Dryad CoveringsDryad Coverings n/a
100 BeanieBeanie Mrs. Claus ShirtMrs. Claus Shirt n/a
101 Spectre HoodSpectre Hood Tree ShirtTree Shirt n/a
102 SWAT HelmetSWAT Helmet Parka CoatParka Coat n/a
103 Shroomite HeadgearShroomite Headgear Ugly SweaterUgly Sweater Bee GreavesBee Greaves
104 Shroomite MaskShroomite Mask Elf ShirtElf Shirt Angler PantsAngler Pants
105 Shroomite HelmetShroomite Helmet Beetle Scale MailBeetle Scale Mail Spider GreavesSpider Greaves
106 Cenx's TiaraCenx's Tiara Beetle ShellBeetle Shell Mermaid TailMermaid Tail
107 Crowno's MaskCrowno's Mask n/a Fish Costume FinskirtFish Costume Finskirt
108 Will's HelmetWill's Helmet n/a Boreal Wood GreavesBoreal Wood Greaves
109 Jim's HelmetJim's Helmet n/a Palm Wood GreavesPalm Wood Greaves
110 Aaron's HelmetAaron's Helmet n/a Vortex LeggingsVortex Leggings
111 D-Town's HelmetD-Town's Helmet n/a Nebula LeggingsNebula Leggings
112 Pumpkin HelmetPumpkin Helmet n/a Solar Flare LeggingsSolar Flare Leggings
113 Nurse HatNurse Hat n/a Martian Costume PantsMartian Costume Pants
114 Wizard's HatWizard's Hat n/a Martian Uniform PantsMartian Uniform Pants
115 Guy Fawkes MaskGuy Fawkes Mask n/a n/a
116 Steampunk GogglesSteampunk Goggles n/a n/a
117 Cyborg HelmetCyborg Helmet n/a n/a
118 Creeper MaskCreeper Mask n/a n/a
119 Cat MaskCat Mask n/a n/a
120 Ghost MaskGhost Mask n/a n/a
121 Pumpkin MaskPumpkin Mask n/a n/a
122 Robot MaskRobot Mask n/a Gladiator LeggingsGladiator Leggings
123 Unicorn MaskUnicorn Mask n/a n/a
124 Vampire MaskVampire Mask n/a Tax Collector's PantsTax Collector's Pants
125 Witch HatWitch Hat n/a Clothier's PantsClothier's Pants
126 Leprechaun HatLeprechaun Hat n/a Buccaneer PantaloonsBuccaneer Pantaloons
127 Princess HatPrincess Hat n/a Obsidian PantsObsidian Pants
128 Bride of Frankenstein MaskBride of Frankenstein Mask n/a Fallen Tuxedo PantsFallen Tuxedo Pants
129 Karate Tortoise MaskKarate Tortoise Mask n/a Fossil GreavesFossil Greaves
130 Scarecrow HatScarecrow Hat n/a Stardust LeggingsStardust Leggings
131 Reaper HoodReaper Hood n/a n/a
132 Fox MaskFox Mask n/a Yoraiz0r's SkirtYoraiz0r's Skirt
133 Cat EarsCat Ears n/a Skiphs' Bear ButtSkiphs' Bear Butt
134 Spooky HelmetSpooky Helmet n/a Loki's GreavesLoki's Greaves
135 Space Creature MaskSpace Creature Mask n/a n/a
136 Wolf MaskWolf Mask n/a n/a
137 Jack 'O Lantern MaskJack 'O Lantern Mask n/a n/a
138 Giant BowGiant Bow n/a Silly Sunflower BottomsSilly Sunflower Bottoms
139 Reindeer AntlersReindeer Antlers n/a Pedguin's TrousersPedguin's Trousers
140 Mrs. Claus HatMrs. Claus Hat n/a Djinn's CurseDjinn's Curse
141 Tree MaskTree Mask n/a Ancient SlacksAncient Slacks
142 Parka HoodParka Hood n/a Forbidden TreadsForbidden Treads
143 Snow HatSnow Hat n/a Lamia TailLamia Tail
144 Elf HatElf Hat n/a Apprentice's TrousersApprentice's Trousers
145 FezFez n/a Squire's GreavesSquire's Greaves
146 Brain of Cthulhu MaskBrain of Cthulhu Mask n/a Huntress's PantsHuntress's Pants
147 Wall of Flesh MaskWall of Flesh Mask n/a Huntress's PantsHuntress's Pants
148 Twin MaskTwin Mask n/a Monk's PantsMonk's Pants
149 Skeletron Prime MaskSkeletron Prime Mask n/a Apprentice's TrousersApprentice's Trousers
150 Queen Bee MaskQueen Bee Mask n/a Squire's PlatingSquire's Plating
151 Plantera MaskPlantera Mask n/a Huntress's JerkinHuntress's Jerkin
152 Golem MaskGolem Mask n/a Valhalla Knight's GreavesValhalla Knight's Greaves
153 Eater of Worlds MaskEater of Worlds Mask n/a Dark Artist's LeggingsDark Artist's Leggings
154 Eye of Cthulhu MaskEye of Cthulhu Mask n/a Red Riding LeggingsRed Riding Leggings
155 Destroyer MaskDestroyer Mask n/a Red Riding LeggingsRed Riding Leggings
156 Spectre MaskSpectre Mask n/a Shinobi Infiltrator's PantsShinobi Infiltrator's Pants
157 Beetle HelmetBeetle Helmet n/a Arkhalis' TightsArkhalis' Tights
158 Peddler's HatPeddler's Hat n/a Arkhalis' TightsArkhalis' Tights
159 Magic HatMagic Hat n/a Leinfors' FancypantsLeinfors' Fancypants
160 Bee HeadgearBee Headgear n/a Leinfors' Excessive StyleLeinfors' Excessive Style
161 Angler HatAngler Hat n/a n/a
162 Spider MaskSpider Mask n/a n/a
163 Seashell HairpinSeashell Hairpin n/a n/a
164 King Slime MaskKing Slime Mask n/a n/a
165 Fish Costume MaskFish Costume Mask GiGi n/a
166 Boreal Wood HelmetBoreal Wood Helmet KimonoKimono n/a
167 Palm Wood HelmetPalm Wood Helmet Gypsy RobeGypsy Robe n/a
168 Duke Fishron MaskDuke Fishron Mask Bee BreastplateBee Breastplate n/a
169 Vortex HelmetVortex Helmet Angler VestAngler Vest n/a
170 Nebula HelmetNebula Helmet Spider BreastplateSpider Breastplate n/a
171 Solar Flare HelmetSolar Flare Helmet Mermaid AdornmentMermaid Adornment n/a
172 Moon MaskMoon Mask Fish Costume ShirtFish Costume Shirt n/a
173 Sun MaskSun Mask Boreal Wood BreastplateBoreal Wood Breastplate n/a
174 Martian Costume MaskMartian Costume Mask Palm Wood BreastplatePalm Wood Breastplate n/a
175 Martian Uniform HelmetMartian Uniform Helmet Vortex BreastplateVortex Breastplate n/a
176 Solar Cultist HoodSolar Cultist Hood Nebula BreastplateNebula Breastplate n/a
177 Lunar Cultist HoodLunar Cultist Hood Solar Flare BreastplateSolar Flare Breastplate n/a
178 HiTek SunglassesHiTek Sunglasses Martian Costume ShirtMartian Costume Shirt n/a
179 Night Vision HelmetNight Vision Helmet Martian Uniform TorsoMartian Uniform Torso n/a
180 Gladiator HelmetGladiator Helmet Solar Cultist RobeSolar Cultist Robe Maid ShoesMaid Shoes
181 Lazure's Valkyrie CircletLazure's Valkyrie Circlet Lunar Cultist RobeLunar Cultist Robe n/a
182 Tax Collector's HatTax Collector's Hat Gladiator BreastplateGladiator Breastplate n/a
183 Dye Trader's TurbanDye Trader's Turban Lazure's Valkyrie CloakLazure's Valkyrie Cloak n/a
184 Buccaneer BandanaBuccaneer Bandana Tax Collector's SuitTax Collector's Suit Pink Maid ShoesPink Maid Shoes
185 Obsidian Outlaw HatObsidian Outlaw Hat Clothier's JacketClothier's Jacket Country Club TrousersCountry Club Trousers
186 Lunatic Cultist MaskLunatic Cultist Mask Buccaneer TunicBuccaneer Tunic n/a
187 Moon Lord MaskMoon Lord Mask Obsidian LongcoatObsidian Longcoat n/a
188 Fossil HelmetFossil Helmet Fallen Tuxedo ShirtFallen Tuxedo Shirt Master Gamer's PantsMaster Gamer's Pants
189 Stardust HelmetStardust Helmet Fossil PlateFossil Plate n/a
190 Wedding VeilWedding Veil Stardust PlateStardust Plate Chef PantsChef Pants
191 Yoraiz0r's Recolored GogglesYoraiz0r's Recolored Goggles Wedding DressWedding Dress Superhero TightsSuperhero Tights
192 Skiphs' MaskSkiphs' Mask Yoraiz0r's UniformYoraiz0r's Uniform n/a
193 Loki's HelmetLoki's Helmet Skiphs' SkinSkiphs' Skin Pretty Pink StockingsPretty Pink Stockings
194 Engineering HelmetEngineering Helmet Loki's BreastplateLoki's Breastplate n/a
195 Party HatParty Hat Silly Sunflower TopsSilly Sunflower Tops n/a
196 Silly Sunflower PetalsSilly Sunflower Petals Pedguin's JacketPedguin's Jacket n/a
197 Pedguin's HoodPedguin's Hood Ancient GarmentsAncient Garments Funeral PantsFuneral Pants
198 0x33's Aviators0x33's Aviators Forbidden RobesForbidden Robes n/a
199 Ancient HeaddressAncient Headdress Lamia WrapsLamia Wraps n/a
200 Forbidden MaskForbidden Mask Apprentice's RobeApprentice's Robe n/a
201 Lamia MaskLamia Mask Squire's PlatingSquire's Plating n/a
202 Lamia MaskLamia Mask Huntress's JerkinHuntress's Jerkin n/a
203 Apprentice's HatApprentice's Hat Monk's ShirtMonk's Shirt Ghostar's TightsGhostar's Tights
204 Squire's Great HelmSquire's Great Helm Valhalla Knight's BreastplateValhalla Knight's Breastplate n/a
205 Huntress's WigHuntress's Wig Dark Artist's RobesDark Artist's Robes Butcher's Bloodstained PantsButcher's Bloodstained Pants
206 Monk's Bushy Brow Bald CapMonk's Bushy Brow Bald Cap Red Riding DressRed Riding Dress n/a
207 Betsy MaskBetsy Mask Shinobi Infiltrator's TorsoShinobi Infiltrator's Torso n/a
208 Dark Mage MaskDark Mage Mask Arkhalis' BodiceArkhalis' Bodice Safeman's Pink LeggingsSafeman's Pink Leggings
209 Ogre MaskOgre Mask Leinfors' Excessive StyleLeinfors' Excessive Style FoodBarbarian's Savage GreavesFoodBarbarian's Savage Greaves
210 Valhalla Knight's HelmValhalla Knight's Helm Maid DressMaid Dress Grox The Great's GreavesGrox The Great's Greaves
211 Dark Artist's HatDark Artist's Hat Pink Maid DressPink Maid Dress Mushroom PantsMushroom Pants
212 Red Riding HoodRed Riding Hood Country Club VestCountry Club Vest Ancient Hallowed GreavesAncient Hallowed Greaves
213 Shinobi Infiltrator's HelmetShinobi Infiltrator's Helmet Amber RobeAmber Robe Crystal Assassin PantsCrystal Assassin Pants
214 Arkhalis' HoodArkhalis' Hood Master Gamer's JacketMaster Gamer's Jacket n/a
215 Leinfors' Hair ProtectorLeinfors' Hair Protector Star Princess DressStar Princess Dress n/a
216 Ultrabright HelmetUltrabright Helmet Chef UniformChef Uniform n/a
217 Maid BonnetMaid Bonnet Superhero CostumeSuperhero Costume Moon Lord LegsMoon Lord Legs
218 Pink Maid BonnetPink Maid Bonnet Pretty Pink DressPretty Pink Dress n/a
219 Country Club CapCountry Club Cap Gravedigger CoatGravedigger Coat Wandering GetaWandering Geta
220 Country Club VisorCountry Club Visor Funeral CoatFuneral Coat Wandering GetaWandering Geta
221 Gold Fish BowlGold Fish Bowl Victorian Goth DressVictorian Goth Dress Wandering YukataWandering Yukata
222 Star Princess CrownStar Princess Crown Ghostar's GarbGhostar's Garb Timeless Traveler's FootwearTimeless Traveler's Footwear
223 Demon HornsDemon Horns Dr. Man Fly's Lab CoatDr. Man Fly's Lab Coat Timeless Traveler's CloakTimeless Traveler's Cloak
224 Bunny EarsBunny Ears Butcher's Bloodstained ApronButcher's Bloodstained Apron Floret Protector PantsFloret Protector Pants
225 Devil HornsDevil Horns Safeman's Sun DressSafeman's Sun Dress Capricorn HoovesCapricorn Hooves
226 FedoraFedora FoodBarbarian's Wild Wolf SpauldersFoodBarbarian's Wild Wolf Spaulders Capricorn TailCapricorn Tail
227 Chef HatChef Hat Grox The Great's ChestplateGrox The Great's Chestplate Pinstripe PantsPinstripe Pants
228 Star HairpinStar Hairpin Mushroom VestMushroom Vest Royal DressRoyal Dress
229 Heart HairpinHeart Hairpin Ancient Hallowed Plate MailAncient Hallowed Plate Mail Flinx Fur CoatFlinx Fur Coat
230 Superhero MaskSuperhero Mask Crystal Assassin ShirtCrystal Assassin Shirt Prince PantsPrince Pants
231 Gravedigger HatGravedigger Hat Blue Graduation GownBlue Graduation Gown Gentleman's TrousersGentleman's Trousers
232 Pretty Pink RibbonPretty Pink Ribbon Maroon Graduation GownMaroon Graduation Gown Firestarter's SkirtFirestarter's Skirt
233 Funeral HatFuneral Hat Black Graduation GownBlack Graduation Gown Firestarter's SkirtFirestarter's Skirt
234 Victorian Goth HatVictorian Goth Hat Dead Man's SweaterDead Man's Sweater n/a
235 Ghostar's Soul JarGhostar's Soul Jar Plaguebringer's CloakPlaguebringer's Cloak n/a
236 Dr. Man Fly MaskDr. Man Fly Mask Wandering YukataWandering Yukata n/a
237 Butcher MaskButcher Mask Timeless Traveler's CloakTimeless Traveler's Cloak n/a
238 Safeman's Sunny DaySafeman's Sunny Day Floret Protector ShirtFloret Protector Shirt n/a
239 FoodBarbarian's Horned HelmFoodBarbarian's Horned Helm Capricorn ChestplateCapricorn Chestplate n/a
240 Grox The Great's Horned CowlGrox The Great's Horned Cowl Lazer BlazerLazer Blazer n/a
241 Rock Golem HeadRock Golem Head Flinx Fur CoatFlinx Fur Coat n/a
242 Dog EarsDog Ears Royal BlouseRoyal Blouse n/a
243 Fox EarsFox Ears Prince UniformPrince Uniform n/a
244 Lizard EarsLizard Ears Gentleman's VestGentleman's Vest n/a
245 Panda EarsPanda Ears Firestarter's SweaterFirestarter's Sweater n/a
246 n/a n/a n/a
247 n/a n/a n/a
248 n/a n/a n/a
249 n/a n/a n/a
250 Mushroom HatMushroom Hat n/a n/a
251 Empress of Light MaskEmpress of Light Mask n/a n/a
252 n/a n/a n/a
253 n/a n/a n/a
254 Hallowed HoodHallowed Hood n/a n/a
255 Ancient Hallowed MaskAncient Hallowed Mask n/a n/a
256 Ancient Hallowed HelmetAncient Hallowed Helmet n/a n/a
257 Ancient Hallowed HeadgearAncient Hallowed Headgear n/a n/a
258 Ancient Hallowed HoodAncient Hallowed Hood n/a n/a
259 Rabbit PerchRabbit Perch n/a n/a
260 Queen Slime MaskQueen Slime Mask n/a n/a
261 Crystal Assassin HoodCrystal Assassin Hood n/a n/a
262 Blue Graduation CapBlue Graduation Cap n/a n/a
263 Maroon Graduation CapMaroon Graduation Cap n/a n/a
264 Black Graduation CapBlack Graduation Cap n/a n/a
265 Badger's HatBadger's Hat n/a n/a
266 Plaguebringer's SkullPlaguebringer's Skull n/a n/a
267 Wandering JingasaWandering Jingasa n/a n/a
268 Timeless Traveler's HoodTimeless Traveler's Hood n/a n/a
269 Floret Protector HelmetFloret Protector Helmet n/a n/a
270 Capricorn HelmetCapricorn Helmet n/a n/a
271 Video VisageVideo Visage n/a n/a
272 Royal TiaraRoyal Tiara n/a n/a
273 GarlandGarland n/a n/a
274 n/a n/a n/a
275 EyebrellaEyebrella n/a n/a
276 Deerclops MaskDeerclops Mask n/a n/a
277 n/a n/a n/a
278 n/a n/a n/a
279 n/a n/a n/a
280 n/a n/a n/a