The Arms Dealer is an NPC that will move into a suitable house once the player has a firearm of any kind, besides the Flare Gun. The fastest way to get the arms dealer to move in to a house is to destroy Shadow Orbs or Pulsating Hearts (which have a chance to drop a Musket or The Undertaker respectively).

Despite the Flare Gun being able to deal minimal damage with Flares, it does not fulfill the Arms Dealer's spawning requirements as it is not identified as a weapon.


The Arms Dealer is a vendor who primarily deals in ranged weapons and related items, such as ammunition. To this end, he sells a variety of guns (including the Minishark and Shotgun, which can be found nowhere else) in addition to basic ammunition.

Terraria - How to get the Arms Dealer

Terraria - How to get the Arms Dealer


He uses a Flintlock Pistol to defend himself. However, he upgrades it to a Minishark when Hard Mode begins. The Flintlock and Minishark deal the exact same damage, however the Minishark is significantly faster.


Item Sale Price Special Conditions
Empty Bullet 3 CopperCoin Small Wall of Flesh defeated
Flintlock Pistol 5 GoldCoin Small None
Illegal Gun Parts 20 GoldCoin Small Moon CharmNew (Night)
Musket Ball 7 CopperCoin Small None
Minishark 35 GoldCoin Small None
Nurse Hat 3 GoldCoin Small Halloween
Nurse Shirt 3 GoldCoin Small Halloween
Nurse Pants 3 GoldCoin Small Halloween
Silver Bullet 15 CopperCoin Small Bloodmoon Icon (Blood Moon) or Pwnhammer Icon (Hard Mode)
Shotgun 25 GoldCoin Small Wall of Flesh defeated
Unholy Arrow 40 CopperCoin Small Moon CharmNew (Night), Eater of Worlds defeated
Stake 75 CopperCoin Small The Stake Launcher is present in inventory
Candy Corn 5 CopperCoin Small The Candy Corn Rifle is present in inventory
Stynger Bolt 75 CopperCoin Small The Stynger is present in inventory
Explosive Jack 'O Lantern 15 CopperCoin Small The Jack 'O Lantern Launcher is present in inventory

Arms Dealer's Quotes
  • "Make it quick! I've got a date with <Nurse's name> in an hour." (Nurse must be present).
  • "Keep your hands off my gun, buddy!"
  • "<Dryad's name> is a looker. Too bad she's such a prude." (Dryad must be present).
  • "I see you're eyeballin' the Minishark.. You really don't want to know how it was made."

During a blood moon:

  • "I love nights like tonight. There is never a shortage of things to kill!".
  • "Don't bother with <Demolitionist's name>, I've got all you need right here." (demolitionist must be present)
  • "What is <Demolitionist's name>'s problem? Does he even realize we sell completely different things?" (Demolitionist must be present).
  • "I want what <Nurse's name> is sellin'. What do you mean, she doesn't sell anything?" (Nurse must be present).
  • "Hey, this ain't a movie, pal. Ammo is extra." (Possibly a reference to most movies, where there is infinite ammo).

A bugpresumably causes this to be the only thing he says when Skeletron is defeated, but the Wall of Flesh is not, even if the Guide is dead.

  • "I heard there is a doll that looks very similar to <Guide's name> somewhere in the underworld. I'd like to put a few rounds in it."
Arms Dealer's Names
  • Andre
  • Brimst
  • Bronson
  • Dante (May be a reference to Dante, the protagonist of the Devil May Cry series.)
  • Darius
  • Darnell
  • Darryl (May be a reference to Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead.)
  • DeAndre
  • Demetrius
  • DeShawn
  • Dominique
  • Jalen
  • Jamal
  • Malik
  • Marquis
  • Maurice
  • Reginal
  • Terrance
  • Terrell
  • Tony
  • Trevon
  • Tyrone
  • Willie
  • Xavier


  • In the leaked version, this skin was used for the Demolitionist.
  • He seems to be infatuated with the nurse as seen in his quotes. As of 1.2.1 he also sells the Nurse Costume on Halloween. Why he has a costume of the nurse up for sale is currently unknown.
  •  In the mobile versions, which are currently upgraded to 1.2 but were still the same as the PC version 1.1 previously, Illegal Gun Parts were bought for the price of 75 GoldCoin Small and sold for 15 GoldCoin Small.
  • In one of his quotes, he is referring to the Guide Voodoo Doll, telling it can be found in the underworld, and even saying he would like to 'put a few rounds in it', showing the Guide and the Arms Dealer don't like each other.
  • There are three emotes used more commonly by the Guide and the Arms Dealer; Fight, Kick, and Anger.
  • The quotes of the other female NPCs suggest that the Arms Dealer is interested in women.

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PC release

  • Added to the game.
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