Item 40

Arrows can be crafted from various materials found around the World and are used as ammunition for Bows and Repeaters. Once shot, an arrow can often be recollected, saving you some resources, but sometimes they will disappear upon impact (about 33% of the time)

They stack up to 999 per inventory slot. All arrows have 6% critical strike chance without boosts.

Types of Arrows

Currently, 12 types (14 on Console) of arrows are available:

Wooden Arrow
Wooden Arrow

Merchant for 10 CopperCoin Small; found in Pots; loot from certain zombies

No special effects
Flaming Arrow
Flaming Arrow
  • 5 Wooden Arrows
  • 1 Torch
  • Makes 5 Arrows
Inflicts "On Fire!" debuff
Holy Arrow
Holy Arrow
13 The stars dropped also inflict damage
Bone Arrow 6 Skeleton Merchant for 15 CopperCoin Small
Frostburn Arrow
Frostburn Arrow
  • 5 Wooden Arrows and
  • 1 Ice Torch
  • Makes 5 Arrows
Inflicts "Frostburn" debuff, does not extinguish in water
Unholy arrow1
Unholy Arrow
8 Arms Dealer for 40 CopperCoin Small Pierces enemies
Jester's Arrow
Jester's Arrow
9 Found in Chests, pierces enemies, creates a nice view
Hellfire Arrow
Hellfire Arrow

Chests and Pots in the Underworld;
Demolitionist for 1 SilverCoin Small

Makes an Explosion that doesn't destroy tiles.
Cursed Arrow
Cursed Arrow
14 Inflicts "Cursed Inferno" debuff
Ichor Arrow
Ichor Arrow
15 Inflicts "Ichor" debuff
Chlorophyte arrow
Chlorophyte Arrow
16 Bounces off walls,
Venom Arrow
Venom Arrow
17 Inflicts "Venom" debuff

Console, Mobile and 3ds Exclusive Arrows

Spectral Arrow
Spectral Arrow
16 Made by using any arrow with Sharanga Inflicts "Cursed Inferno" debuff
Vulcan Bolt
Vulcan Bolts
12 Made by using any arrow with Vulcan Repeater
Heart Arrow
Heart Arrows
4 Purchased from Merchant during Valentine's Day Inflicts Stunned debuff.


  • When a Wooden Arrow is shot with Molten Fury, only the animation changes and the weapon lights the arrow up. The damage is still that of a normal Wooden Arrow, not a Flaming Arrow.
    • Example: Wooden Arrow shot with a Molten Fury hits 31 on a Zombie, while a flaming arrow hits 33. This may or may not be a bug.
  • A note about arrow selection: If you have different stacks of arrows in your inventory, it selects first from the ammo slots from top to bottom, then from the top most row (so your Hotbar would garner first selection) then in the row it selects the left most column: IE if you had arrows in hotbar slot one [0,0] it would be selected for use before any other stack of arrows in any other slot, while slot [9,3] is the lowest priority.
  • When any arrow is shot with an Ice Bow it changes into special Frost Arrows, which travel faster with less of an arc as a result, but lose all special properties. However, unlike craftable Frostburn Arrows, they don't inflict the Frostburn status.

Chlorophyte arrow  Chlorophyte Arrow Cursed Arrow  Cursed Arrow Flaming Arrow  Flaming Arrow Frostburn Arrow  Frostburn Arrow Hellfire Arrow  Hellfire Arrow
Holy Arrow  Holy Arrow Ichor Arrow  Ichor Arrow Jester's Arrow  Jester's Arrow Luminite Arrow  Luminite Arrow Spectral Arrow  Spectral Arrow
Unholy arrow1  Unholy Arrow Venom Arrow  Venom Arrow Vulcan Bolt  Vulcan Bolt Wooden Arrow  Wooden Arrow
Chlorophyte bullet  Chlorophyte Bullet Terraria Crystal Bullet  Crystal Bullet Cursed Bullet  Cursed Bullet Exploding Bullet  Exploding Bullet Golden Bullet  Golden Bullet
High Velocity Bullet  High Velocity Bullet Ichor Bullet  Ichor Bullet Luminite Bullet  Luminite Bullet Terraria Meteor shot  Meteor Shot Terraria Musket Ball  Musket Ball
Nano Bullet  Nano Bullet Party Bullet  Party Bullet Terraria Silver bullet  Silver Bullet Venom Bullet  Venom Bullet
Solutions (Clentaminator)
Blue Solution  Blue Solution Dark Blue solution  Dark Blue Solution Green Solution  Green Solution Purple solution  Purple Solution Red Solution  Red Solution
Rocket i  Rocket I Rocket ii  Rocket II Rocket iii  Rocket III Rocket iv  Rocket IV
Candy Corn  Candy Corn Coins  Coins Explosive Bunny  Explosive Bunny Explosive Jack 'O Lantern(0)  Explosive Jack 'O Lantern FallenStar  Fallen Star
Flare  Flare Gel  Gel Nail  Nail Poison Dart  Poison Dart Sand Block  Sand Block
Terraria Seed  Seed Snowball  Snowball Stynger Bolt  Stynger Bolt Stake  Stake
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