The Asphalt Block is a Block crafted using the Blend-O-Matic. While walking across it, a player has a "walking" movement speed of 53 mph (57 mph while wearing Lightning Boots), which can be further increased by movement speed buffs (such as Swiftness Potion).

It does not increase the movement speed of Mounts.


  • When you dash with the Master Ninja Gear or Tabi equipped, you are instantly boosted to full speed.
  • Removing every second asphalt block will not cancel speeding up effect, but replacing them with any other block will.
  • The movement boost does not affect monsters.
  • Hermes Boots do NOT increase max speed over asphalt, but Lightning Boots DO (possible bug; this suggests that Lightning Boots' running effect is actually two separate effects of "allows running" and "+4 mph to max ground speed")
  • Unlike when using Boots to run over normal ground, any bonuses that increase your movement speed will raise your max speed over asphalt, making it possible to achieve truly staggering speeds.


  • When running fast enough(by having a large slanted slope of asphalt blocks and lightning boots) sometimes the screen can't catch up and the screen "teleports" back into place.
  • Walking upside down while using the Gravity Globe or Gravitation Potion doesn't boost your speed.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.