The Baby Truffle is a pet added in the 1.2 update. It is summoned by using a Strange Glowing Mushroom, which can be purchased for 45 GoldCoin Small from Truffle

The Baby Truffle is a passive creature and is invulnerable to all sources of damage. It will follow the player on foot if they are running, and will teleport to their location if they travel too far away. It can't fly, unlike many other pets. The Baby Truffle emits a small amount of light wherever it is, unlike most of the other pets.


  • The Baby Truffle is often considered one of the more useful pets as it emits light which can be helpful while digging tunnels.


  • The Baby Truffle looks like Toad from Super Mario Bros.


  • When trapped in a solid wall (via an Actuator or simply building around it) it will sink through the ground until it has reached its maximum following distance and will then teleport back to the player.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.


Baby Truffle - Terraria 1

Baby Truffle - Terraria 1.2 Guide New Pet!

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