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A Banner is a furniture item that acts like a painting, however, it can be hung from the ceiling. There are four types of craftable banners as well as 106 other banners which can be obtained from natural buildings or by killing monsters.

As of, banners are automatically deposited into the inventory of the player to kill every 50th of a specific type of mob. If the inventory is full at the time, the banner will be dropped to the ground.

Additionally, Creature Banners now radiate an aura, reducing damage from the specific mob from the banner, and increasing damage done by the player to those mobs.

Terraria Banner

Terraria Banner


  • A banner can be removed with a Pickaxe or by destroying the block it hangs from.
  • Despite the coloring, dye is not required in the crafting of any banner.
  • Banners are all 3 blocks tall.
  • Banners are created at a loom.

Update Info


  • Banners are now obtained automatically in the player's inventory when the player has killed 50 of any specific mob.
  • Banners can now increase the player's defense and offense on a monster based on the monster that dropped the banner.


  • About 80 new types of banners are now dropped from monsters with an enemy-themed style.



  • Added to the game.
Angler Fish Banner Angler Fish Banner Angry Nimbus Banner Angry Nimbus Banner Ankh Banner Ankh Banner Anomura Fungus Banner Anomura Fungus Banner
Antlion Banner Antlion Banner Arapaima Banner Arapaima Banner Armored Skeleton Banner Armored Skeleton Banner Banners Banner
Bat Banner Bat Banner Bird Banner Bird Banner Black Recluse Banner Black Recluse Banner Blood Crawler Banner Blood Crawler Banner
Blood Feeder Banner Blood Feeder Banner Blood Jelly Banner Blood Jelly Banner Blue Banner Blue Banner Bone Serpent Banner Bone Serpent Banner
Bunny Banner Bunny Banner Chaos Elemental Banner Chaos Elemental Banner Clown Banner Clown Banner Corrupt Bunny Banner Corrupt Bunny Banner
Corrupt Goldfish Banner Corrupt Goldfish Banner Crab Banner Crab Banner Crimera Banner Crimera Banner Crimson Axe Banner Crimson Axe Banner
Cursed Hammer Banner Cursed Hammer Banner Demon Banner Demon Banner Demon Eye Banner Demon Eye Banner Derpling Banner Derpling Banner
Diabolic Sigil Diabolic Sigil Eater of Souls Banner Eater of Souls Banner Enchanted Sword Banner Enchanted Sword Banner Face Monster Banner Face Monster Banner
Fire Imp Banner Fire Imp Banner Floaty Gross Banner Floaty Gross Banner Flying Fish Banner Flying Fish Banner Flying Snake Banner Flying Snake Banner
Frankenstein Banner Frankenstein Banner Fungi Bulb Banner Fungi Bulb Banner Fungo Fish Banner Fungo Fish Banner Gastropod Banner Gastropod Banner
Goblin Archer Banner Goblin Archer Banner Goblin Scout Banner Goblin Scout Banner Goblin Sorcerer Banner Goblin Sorcerer Banner Goblin Thief Banner Goblin Thief Banner
Goblin Warrior Banner Goblin Warrior Banner Goldfish Banner Goldfish Banner Gravity Banner Gravity Banner Green Banner Green Banner
Harpy Banner Harpy Banner Hell Hammer Banner Hell Hammer Banner Hellbat Banner Hellbat Banner Hellbound Banner Hellbound Banner
Helltower Banner Helltower Banner Herpling Banner Herpling Banner Hornet Banner Hornet Banner Ice Elemental Banner Ice Elemental Banner
Icy Merman Banner Icy Merman Banner Jellyfish Banner Jellyfish Banner Jungle Creeper Banner Jungle Creeper Banner Lava Erupts Banner Lava Erupts Banner
Lihzahrd Banner Lihzahrd Banner Lost Hopes of Man Banner Lost Hopes of Man Banner Man Eater Banner Man Eater Banner Marching Bones Banner Marching Bones Banner
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