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  • Bed item sprite
    Bed placed
Stack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.png
Placeable✔️ (4 wide × 2 high)
Use time15 (Very fast)
RarityRarity level: 0
2 (Golden Bed)

Placed beds. Click the image to view a summary of each row.

Beds are furniture items which allow the player to set a new spawn point, or to sleep, which makes time pass 5 times faster, and gives a boost to health regeneration, similar to chairs and sofas. Beds fulfill the chair requirement for the purposes of housing. Beds have two separate sections which can be interacted with via Open / Activate. Interacting with the head of a bed causes the player to enter the bed and sleep. Interacting with the foot half of a bed, when it is placed in a valid House, changes the player's spawn point.

Like most other furniture, the direction a bed is placed in depends on the direction the player is facing when placing it.

There are currently 35 / 27 craftable beds and 5 that can be acquired from the environment. All beds are functionally identical, and differ only in appearance.


Desktop versionConsole versionMobile versionNintendo Switch version
Desktop/Console/Mobile/Switch-Only Content: This section's information applies only to the Desktop, Console, Mobile, and Switch versions of Terraria.

Pressing Open / Activate on the head of a bed causes the player to lie down and sleep (indicated by their eyes closing), which accelerates time by five times its normal rate (1 hour of in-game time, which would usually take 1 minute of real-life time, takes only 12 seconds while sleeping). This affects game time, including watches, the sun and moon, plant growth, and background animations (but not buff timers, NPC movement or other animations).

  • It is not possible to sleep during invasion events, including Blood Moons, Solar Eclipse and Lunar Events, or when an Enchanted Sundial is advancing time.
  • Sleeping does not affect potion cooldowns or durations. However, it does give a boost on health regeneration. The latter effect is shared with chairs and sofas.
  • Time acceleration in multiplayer requires that all players be asleep.
  • While sleeping, some actions involving the key will not cause the player to open their eyes, nor does it cause time to revert to normal.
    • As a general rule of thumb, most actions involving the Open / Activate key will not cause the player's eyes to open.
    • Holding, but not using, items such as Torches and Umbrellas in the player's hand, will not cause the player to open their eyes.
  • While sleeping, some actions will cause the player's eyes to open, and the accelerated time to revert to normal, but will not kick the player out of bed.
    • If an item that can aim (like a gun, spell, or summon) is used, the player can attack while lying down as long as they aim at a 0° to 180° angle (an arc above the character). Other items that can aim (like a flail, drill, shortsword) must be used at -90° to 90° (an arc facing the player's feet).
    • Placing blocks or wire will only open the character's eyes.
    • Using Wire Cutters or a Grand Design to break wires is allowed.
    • The only way to destroy blocks without getting out of bed entirely is to use some form of explosives.
  • Getting hit by an enemy, breaking blocks, or pressing any movement keys will cause the player to get out of bed, and time to revert to normal.

Setting player spawn point[]

Pressing Open / Activate on the foot of a bed, when it is placed in a valid house, sets the player's spawn point to that bed. This is signified by the status message "Spawn point set!" When the same is done on a bed that has already been set as the player's spawn point, the status message "Spawn point removed!" is shown, and the player's spawn point is set back to the world's default.

For a bed to function properly as a spawn point, it must be in a valid house. Other than the bed itself, no other furniture or lighting is required. There must also be clear space at the head of the bed for the player to stand. A bed may be placed in a non-rectangular room, as long as the leftmost 3 tiles immediately above it are left clear.

For example: There may be a bed (4×2) surrounded by blocks on the left, right, and bottom, and above the foot of the bed, as long as there is space for the player to spawn at the head of the bed.

Valid bed.png

The top-left 3 tiles just above the bed are clear. The mirror image of this arrangement is also valid.



ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Nebula BedNebula Bed
Internal Item ID: 4188
Ancient ManipulatorAncient Manipulator
Solar BedSolar Bed
Internal Item ID: 4146
Stardust BedStardust Bed
Internal Item ID: 4209
Vortex BedVortex Bed
Internal Item ID: 4167
Bone BedBone Bed
Internal Item ID: 2140
Bone WelderBone Welder
Lesion BedLesion Bed
Internal Item ID: 3959
Decay ChamberDecay Chamber
Flesh BedFlesh Bed
Internal Item ID: 2067
Flesh Cloning VatFlesh Cloning Vat
Glass BedGlass Bed
Internal Item ID: 1719
Glass KilnGlass Kiln
Honey BedHoney Bed
Internal Item ID: 1721
(Desktop versionConsole versionOld-gen console versionMobile versionNintendo Switch versiontModLoader version)
Honey DispenserHoney Dispenser
Frozen BedFrozen Bed
Internal Item ID: 2068
Ice MachineIce Machine
Lihzahrd BedLihzahrd Bed
Internal Item ID: 2069
Lihzahrd FurnaceLihzahrd Furnace
Living Wood BedLiving Wood Bed
Internal Item ID: 2139
Living LoomLiving Loom
Bamboo BedBamboo Bed
Internal Item ID: 4567
Internal Item ID: 224
Boreal Wood BedBoreal Wood Bed
Internal Item ID: 2553
Cactus BedCactus Bed
Internal Item ID: 2066
(Desktop versionConsole versionMobile versionNintendo Switch version)
Crystal BedCrystal Bed
Internal Item ID: 3897
Dynasty BedDynasty Bed
Internal Item ID: 2231
Ebonwood BedEbonwood Bed
Internal Item ID: 644
Granite BedGranite Bed
Internal Item ID: 3164
Marble BedMarble Bed
Internal Item ID: 3163
Martian BedMartian Bed
Internal Item ID: 2811
Meteorite BedMeteorite Bed
Internal Item ID: 3162
Mushroom BedMushroom Bed
Internal Item ID: 2538
Palm Wood BedPalm Wood Bed
Internal Item ID: 2520
Pearlwood BedPearlwood Bed
Internal Item ID: 646
Pumpkin BedPumpkin Bed
Internal Item ID: 2669
(Desktop versionConsole versionMobile versionNintendo Switch version)
Rich Mahogany BedRich Mahogany Bed
Internal Item ID: 645
Sandstone BedSandstone Bed
Internal Item ID: 4299
Shadewood BedShadewood Bed
Internal Item ID: 920
Spider BedSpider Bed
Internal Item ID: 3932
Spooky BedSpooky Bed
Internal Item ID: 2071
(Desktop versionConsole versionMobile versionNintendo Switch version)
Skyware BedSkyware Bed
Internal Item ID: 2070
Sky MillSky Mill
Slime BedSlime Bed
Internal Item ID: 2568
Steampunk BedSteampunk Bed
Internal Item ID: 1722
Steampunk BoilerSteampunk Boiler
Cactus BedCactus Bed
Internal Item ID: 2066
(Old-gen console versionNintendo 3DS versiontModLoader version)
Work BenchWork Bench
Honey BedHoney Bed
Internal Item ID: 1721
(Nintendo 3DS version)
Pumpkin BedPumpkin Bed
Internal Item ID: 2669
(Old-gen console version)
Spooky BedSpooky Bed
Internal Item ID: 2071
(Old-gen console version)
total: 39 row(s)

Noncraftable Beds[]

Bed Notes
Blue Dungeon Bed Blue Dungeon Bed
Internal Item ID: 1470
Found in the Dungeon.
Green Dungeon Bed Green Dungeon Bed
Internal Item ID: 1471
Found in the Dungeon.
Pink Dungeon Bed Pink Dungeon Bed
Internal Item ID: 1472
Found in the Dungeon.
Obsidian Bed Obsidian Bed
Internal Item ID: 1473
Found in Ruined houses, does not disappear in lava.
Golden Bed Golden Bed
Internal Item ID: 1720
Dropped by Pirates.



  • It is advisable to place and activate a bed in the same house the Nurse is living in, so immediate healing is available after recalling or respawning. Be careful not to reset the spawn point by accidentally hitting the bed upon pressing the Nurse's "heal" button, in case she is standing in front of the bed.
  • There are many naturally-generated structures which can serve as suitable locations for a bed, such as Underground Cabins or the houses on Floating Islands. Some might require minor modifications, e.g. to fill background wall holes.


  • The Pink Dungeon Bed was previously called Red Dungeon Bed. It still is on the Old-gen console version Old-gen console version.
  • Hovering the cursor over the head of a bed will produce a Sleeping IconSleeping Icon.
    • This Sleeping Icon is actually an unobtainable, completely unusable item the only purpose of which is to create this icon. Its item ID is 5013.
  • During multiplayer, up to 2 players may sleep in a bed at once.


  • Desktop Fixed a bug where speeding time up by sleeping in a bed would make some unusual visual effects.
  • Desktop
    • Players can now sleep in beds, which speeds up time and increase health regeneration.
    • Spider, Lesion, Bamboo, Sandstone, Nebula, Solar, Stardust and Vortex Beds added.
    • Spooky, Pumpkin, and Honey beds now require a Sawmill to craft.
    • Skyware Bed item and placed sprites updated.
  • Desktop
    • Meteorite, Granite, Marble and Martian Beds added.
    • Now able to remove spawn point by right-clicking on the bed again.
  • Desktop 1.2.4: Palm Wood, Mushroom, Boreal Wood, Slime, and Pumpkin Beds added.
  • Desktop If you place a bed somewhere that would cause you to not spawn without breaking through blocks you will now get a message when trying to set your spawn point letting you know the bed is not in a suitable position.
  • Desktop 1.0.2: Placing a bed far from the spawn no longer causes a player who has set their spawn there to crash on join.
  • Console 1.07: Added Bone, Pumpkin, Skyware, Slime, and Spooky Beds.
  • Mobile 1.2.11212: Added Palm Wood, Mushroom, Boreal Wood, Slime, Pumpkin Beds, and all 1.2.3 Beds.
  • Mobile 1.0.2: Fixed a different bug involving bed placement for Google Play Google Play release.