Bees are spawned by Queen Bee in the same way that the Eye of Cthulhu spawns the Servants of Cthulhu. They can also spawn when destroying Hive Blocks. They can be a threat for beginners when mining hives as they come in swarms and deal rather heavy damage. They also can be hard to hit due to their small size, but for more experienced players, they are not a threat.

Friendly, enemy-seeking bees can also be spawned by equipment such as the Beenade or the Honey Comb, although they are treated as projectiles rather than monsters.


  • Smaller Bees may be the smallest enemy in Terraria, being 5x5 in-game pixels in size.
  • Due to their attack and life being the same, wearing Turtle Armor will kill them in one hit without the player having to do anything.
  • Players using the Drill Mount should be careful when mining out hives. The extremely fast rate of mining can allow for more bees to spawn than can be managed without a proper summon active, and the inability to use items prevents damage mitigation. Bees do not seem to observe spawn rate limitations or use of Peace Candles/Calming Potions.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.
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