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Betsy is a Hardmode event boss that spawns in Wave 7 of the Old One's Army event, also acting as the final boss of said event. She will not spawn in the event until the player has defeated Golem.


  • Her attack pattern is similar to Duke Fishron's.
  • Betsy's attack patterns include swooping down at the player, breathing fire, and circling the area.
  • She can also damage the crystal without touching it because she is able to make small earthquakes that deal damage to anything or anyone that comes in contact with the ground.
  • Upon spawning, Betsy will primarily target the player closest to her rather than the crystal. Upon all players dying, she then will target the crystal.
  • Defeating Betsy is the only way to end Wave 7 of the Old One's Army.
  • It is recommended to fight Betsy with multiple people, as attempting to fight her solo means that the player is leaving the crystal open for attack.
  • When Betsy is defeated, the Eternia Crystal will become invincible and it vanishes after a short while then drops 75 defender medals.
  • Ichor Bullets with the S.D.M.G. can defeat her at an alarming pace. They are effective against her high defense.


  • Betsy is based on the dragon boss, Betsy, from Dungeon Defenders 2.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.