The Binoculars are a tool that must be selected in the hotbar to be used (or simply held with the cursor, and not in the hotbar), much like the Breathing Reed. When held, moving the mouse cursor in any direction will shift the camera around, thereby extending the player's vision. In this manner, it is similar to the Rifle Scope accessory, or the Sniper Rifle itself, although because the Binoculars cannot be equipped, they cannot be used to aim a weapon; switching to a weapon will cause the view to re-center on the player. Binoculars do not work on the Mobile version of Terraria.Verify


  • If the player is quick enough he/she can use the binoculars and switch immediately to the Rod of Discord to teleport outside of normal range.


Update Info


  • Drop rate increased from 0.67% to 2.5%


  • Added to the game.
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