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Biome Keys have a 1:2500 (0.04%) drop rate from mobs in a certain biome. They can only drop in hardmode.
(Chest Opened)
Drop stats and location Item Gained
Jungle Key
Item 1533
(Jungle Chest)
0.04% (1:2500)
from monsters in The Jungle
Piranha Gun
Item 1156
Corruption Key 
Item 1534
(Corruption Chest)
0.04% (1:2500)
from monsters in The Corruption
Scourge of the Corruptor
Item 1571
Crimson Key
Item 1535
(Crimson Chest)
0.04% (1:2500)
from monsters in The Crimson
Vampire Knives
Item 1569
Hallowed Key 
Item 1536
(Hallowed Chest)
0.04% (1:2500)
from monsters in The Hallow
Rainbow Gun
Item 1260
Frozen Key 
Item 1537
(Frozen Chest)
0.04% (1:2500)
from monsters in Snow Biome
Staff of the Frost Hydra
Item 1572


Due to the incredibly low drop rate of Biome Keys, it can take thousands of mob kills before a key is found in that specific biome. Therefore, in order to minimize the time it takes to find a key, it is often useful to construct a farm of some sort, rather than kill mobs by hand.

A great technique is to make a Biome Key farm in the Ocean. You can farm one of the three special biomes (Crimson, Corruption or Hallow), as well as Frozen Keys and Jungle Keys. Using this technique requires around 10-20 Spear Traps as well as Building Materials, a few buckets of Honey, Wrench & Wire and (to be able to AFK at the farm) some Flame Traps.

TerraKeyMoldFarmGuide 1

18×18 Squares, 3 Blocks apart from each other, used to make Mini Biomes and a Biome Key Farm.

TerraKeyMoldFarmGuide 2

Small Terraria Key Mold farm.

First, you have to create 4 18×18 squares (324 Blocks, 1296 in total), with 3 blocks in between each. These are to create small "Mini Biomes" in the ocean. In the bottom right you want to create the Jungle. Note that you (most likely) need to fill up the entire square with Jungle Grass Seeds, not only the outline. You can also use the Clentaminator. The Bottom left square will be Crimson, Corruption or Hallow-Ice Blocks, depending on which key mold you want. The upper left square will be fully made out of Ice Blocks and the upper right square will made be out of Snow Blocks. Be sure there are 3 blocks in-between all squares, especially between the normal and the Crimson/Corruption/Hallowed ice blocks, otherwise it will spread!

Right underneath that you want to create a small place to sit in while the mobs get killed. You want to create platforms in the water right below you want to place your spear traps until you won't be able to see them anymore (As seen in the picture to the right as the green square). Any drops will land on the platforms and not deep in the ocean. You want platforms just sticking into the water, but so that monsters will splash on top of the platforms. Above that, you want your Spear Traps, but only place Spear Traps above the platforms otherwise you might have to get your drops out of the ocean! Above that you want a small spot for you to sit in Honey. A small tip to how to know when you have enough honey is when you have enough honey and you did it right with the squares is when the honey doesn't drown you, but all the Arapaima (and other hostile water mobs like Blood Jellyfish and Sharks) start swimming to you. If there are no Arapaimas in the ocean then you did something wrong with the Jungle Biome square, but if they aren't swimming towards you, you need more honey. Be sure you aren't drowning!

At the left and right sides you want some protection (the red squares on the picture). Flame Traps do the job against all enemies and with wooden platforms under them you can also collect the loot.

As there is no verification of Biome Keys dropping from Statue Monsters or not, you should still have it for the drops of the monsters to sell them later or to use them for something else (The yellow square in the picture). They don't occupy spawning spots so its safe to use them anyway just in case of key molds dropped by them.

And last but not least, a Chest to store the loot in. You can also create a small room and try to move an NPC into that home when you are using the farm to gain Crimson or Corruption Key. If the NPC can't live there, then they will drop the key of that biome.

Another technique is to buy Tiki Armor from the Witch Doctor and get a minion summoning item, like the Pygmy Staff. Build yourself in a box 5 blocks from the ground, then summon your minions beneath your box. Your minions will kill the enemies for you and because you're 5 blocks high, Wraiths can't kill you. You have a problem if you get a Solar Eclipse though, as Reapers can get through your box. Tiki Armor isn't that defensive either, so be sure to have a good weapon in hand! It may be a slower way of getting Biome Keys but a lot easier to do.


  • If a biome key is obtained before Plantera has been defeated, it will have the tooltip "It has been cursed by a powerful Jungle creature" and will be unable to unlock the biome chest. Once Plantera has been killed, the tooltip will change and it will become functional.

Update Info


  • Key Molds deleted, instead enemies drop the actual keys. Plantera still must be killed.


  • Drop rate increased from 1/4000 (0.025%) to 1/2500 (0.04%)


  • Added to the game.

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