The Bird is a critter that flies away when the player gets near.

A bird, perched.

Like Bunnies and Goldfish, birds can be killed by players. But unlike the two, it does not turn corrupt when hit with Vile Powder or during a Blood Moon. There are 3 different types of birds, Bird, Blue Jay, and Cardinal. All have no differences apart from color.

In the picture the bird is perched. When a player goes near the Bird, it goes into the flying position.


  • The Bird only has 5 health, making it easy to kill with a ranged weapon.
  • Birds also can be killed by hostile enemies, like slimes.
  • Birds also can be spawned with a statue.
  • Birds can be caught with a Bug Net and can be crafted with a Terrarium or placed to be freed after being caught.


  • The bird was first shown in Redigit's post that showed Duck Hunt. It also showed the Bird Statue and the Shotgun.

Update Info



  • Added to the game.
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